Savannah Sparrow

Passerculus sandwichensis


eBird Checklist S45041502
Sevenmile Creek--Prickly Pear Land Trust (restricted access)
Lewis and Clark, Montana, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 46.6399, -112.0994 Map

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Media notes

Singing from the field about 200 m N of the start point, 75 m W of the chain-link fence.

Observation details

2 singing (very sporadically). First SAVS noted at 0644, making short, sibilant "tsis" calls for about a minute from the sewage lagoon fence E of the start point. At 0716 I heard song a few times, softly, from the field S of the stream, reach 4, among the greening-up grasses. I heard another bout of song from this area, ca 200 m S of the stream, around 0730. I saw the singer at this point, perched less than .5 m high on last year's dead grasses or alfalfa plants. At 1217, I saw 2 sparrows fly up separately but in close succession from along the stream near the constructed wetland, reach 2. 1 flew upstream out of sight; the other, a SAVS, landed in a ca 1.5 m high Alnus incana along the stream and proceeded to pick delicately at the branches for a short time (finding insects?). It then flew to a 1 m high vertical dirt bank nearby and I got a video of it moving around there making foraging movements with its bill. I relocated (the same SAVS?) at 1235, walking around and apparently foraging on the same steep bank. At 1251 I again saw a SAVS in a small (2 m high) A. incana along the creek at the wetland. It then dropped down and foraged at the muddy edge of the wetland, making high lispy calls. I got a video of it around 1252: it was foraging with quick runs followed by pauses, and at one point it snatched an insect from the air nearby. I heard another sparrow responding from upstream with similar, short high calls, then I saw the nearby SAVS fly NE, bobbing, low over the grassland. It landed 100 m NE, among the grasses. At 1347 in reach 4, about 50 m upstream of the culverts, I heard sibilant, short "tsis" calls and located 2 SAVS within 1 m near the top of an A. incana along the stream. 1 flew N when I was about 15 m away; got photos of both. At 1354 I noted a (different?) SAVS perched and singing from a dead grass clump ca 60 m S of the stream at the red culverts; its song was barely audible over the stream noise.

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