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Slaty-backed Gull

Larus schistisagus


Doug Hitchcox
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eBird Checklist S43120750
Hatch Hill Landfill
Kennebec, Maine, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 44.3221, -69.7093 Map

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Observation details

***MEGA | second state record (pending acceptance by ME-BRC). First record was from this same location (Hatch Hill Landfill, Augusta) from 10-13 Jan 2012 found by Louis Bevier. Third-cycle Slaty-backed: mantle color slate-gray, picked out naked eye as closer to what I'd expect on LBBG here. In flight about the same size as HERGs (obviously smaller than nearby GBBGs) but huskier looking. Extensive white tips along trailing edge of the wing. Mirror only in P10. Had that classic dark "mean" eye'd look (iris pale). Feet appeared deep pink in one photo, possibly a bit muddy from the landfill.

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