Common Nighthawk

Chordeiles minor


Laura Sebastianelli
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eBird Checklist S37738139
Schoodic Head
Hancock, Maine, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 44.3491, -68.0533 Map

Call; Flight Call; Non-vocal
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Media notes

3 Common Nighthawks: @200 PEENTs about 20 of which also had an unusual sound -- a "rattlle" -- (not found in ML, nor described in BNA, nor Pieplow's guide) 22 GROANs (three sets: 9, 8 and 5), and @ 18 FOOMS (aka wing booms).

Observation details

3 common nighthawks making @200 PEENT calls -- 20 of which include an unusual "rattle" sound (beginning at @50sec) not found in ML, nor described in BNA, nor Pieplow's guide. Described in Bent 1940. 2 possible but extremely brief recordings in Xeno-Canto) -- and @18 FOOMs (aka wing booms), 3 sets of GROANs (9 @4sec, 8 @3:39min, and 5 @ 6:30min) I was at the Overlook (410 ft) on Schoodic Head (435 feet), so I was fairly level with them as they were flying/ foraging perhaps as low as 375 flying as high as 450 feet. The first PEENT is heard within seconds of initiating recording. And though I was not aware of it at the time, there were GROAN sounds being made within 4 sec. The PEENTs with "rattles" started about @50 seconds into recording -- as they were flying in a formation, following each other very very closely -- one after the other. It seemed to me that were aware of me as they flew remarkably close -- especially during the first set of a dozen "rattles" -- which at one point was literally about to 10 feet away from me (perhaps I was being buzzed). Other sound in background: lobster boats, waves on rocky coast occasional mosquitos temperature 46 degrees partly cloudy skies my original file: B03h56m39s16jun2017 this file: trimmed, high pass filter (250 Hz), normalized to -3 dB

Technical Information

Fostex FR-2
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