Fish Crow

Corvus ossifragus


eBird Checklist S40796862
San Luis Pass (Folletts I.)(UTC 103)
Brazoria, Texas, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 29.0788, -95.1294 Map


Media notes

Clip from a longer cell phone recording with a lot of people talking over the continuing bird call. After listening to the whole thing several times, I think it would be more consistent with the Fish Crow awp awp awp call than the Tamaulipas.

Observation details

11:30-1:30 pm. "Mid-day Crow." This bird made a repertoire of sounds, came and went repeatedly, and appeared to have a narrow beak, which for some time had us thinking we were seeing both a Fish Crow and a Tamaulipas. It made its typical Fish Crow uh uh. Later it came back and made single croaks and a repeated series suggestive of a Tamaulipas. But on close examination of the photos and audio tape, we now think we were just hearing the same Fish Crow in a variety of moods and lights, including the awp awp awp awp. The frayed tail had a slight wedge shape to it. The small crow was glossy greenish black. The greenish color seems very consistent with photos of TC on the internet. There was a tiny pinkish area at the base of the mandible. The location was on the Gulf side of the Highway, in the Treasure Island neighborhood dumpster station. This experience suggests to be cautious of the single croak calls without an audio recording. Having the cellphone recording is very helpful in sorting this out, as well as photos showing the tiny pink dot on "both" birds at the base of the mandible. Further communications from local expert confirmed this as Fish Crow.

Technical Information

Samsung Galaxy S6 cellphone.
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