Clapper Rail (Gulf Coast)

Rallus crepitans saturatus/scottii


Geoffrey A. Keller
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4.0 km NE of Panacea; St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge
Florida, United States
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Media notes

NOTES: BNA: The first vocalizations heard may be the "Kek-burr", a call given by females. It consists of one or more evenly spaced distinctive "keks" followed by a trilled "brrrr". This call is then followed by the "Clapper" vocalization, which is described as "chock-chock-chock-chock-chock-chock-chock-chock" or a series of "cac-cac-cac" or "jupe-jupe-jupe". Both these calls seem to alternate with one another troughout the recording. CZ 17/02/2004. [This recording indeed contains 21 "Kek-burr" calls, said to be given by females of this species (0:04-0:53, 1:41-2:09, 3:06-3:13, and 3:49-4:00); see BNA and Massey and Zembal. 1987. Vocalizations of the Light-footed Clapper Rail. J. Field Ornithol. 58: 32-40). Also included here are two "Clapper" Calls by the close bird (1:18-1:25, 4:57-5:03), what appears to be a "kek-hurrah" by a second bird (1:08-1:12), and at least an additional 11 "Clapper" Calls given by birds in the background. This represents R. l. scottii based on range (following BNA). The soft "tuck" and "si twitter" calls at 0:52-1:01 were given by Ammodramus maritimus (possibly the BEST examples we have of the latter call). Quality added (1-2) - CAM - 6 April 2005]. Habitat: Wetland, Salt Marsh, Brackish Marsh, Bay/Harbor.

Background Species

Laughing Gull - Leucophaeus atricilla
Red-winged Blackbird - Agelaius phoeniceus
Seaside Sparrow - Ammospiza maritima

Technical Information

UHER 4200
Sennheiser MKH 106T
Roche Parabola 74cm/17.7cm (29.1in/7in)

Archival Information

4 Aug 1999 by Jody Cohen
17 Feb 2004 by Claudia Zan

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