Mascarene Martin

Phedina borbonica


Jennifer F. M. Horne
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840.0 km E of Madagascar; road bridge near St. Marie beyond Baie du Cap
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Latitude and Longitude -20.4833, 57.3667 Map

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NOTES: (Number of Animals and Sex: adult males and females; Social Contact: c 50+/- individuals under bridge) HPF 220Hz. See LNS 73394, 95, 96 and Part B of 73397 and Part C. Part A: Wind and wave. this colony was both nest constructing and incubating [contra Chehe in Studies of Mascarene Island Birds - this colony was well along into the breeding season]. the bridge is "throwing" an echo - so there is distortion in this recording. Part A. Copulation was noted [and recorded] with high "squeaks" [heard] uttered by both [seemingly] repetitive [and just before my slight whistle to my assitant]. Perched birds gave the "rattle-call". In-coming birds gave the "scream-like" call, and the "chip". Part B: The previous Part a ends with calls - just prior to that is a sequence of the high squeaky call uttered during copulation. this cut is again the calls of adults coming in and out under the bridge to either nest build or incubate. Occasionally it was possible when the majority of birds left [exited the tunnel of the bridge] to get the calls of [an] individual[s] that were [was] remaining! They have a fairly wide and varied vocals with many chip, rattle, "wheeoo" and squeaks, some of which are uttered on the wing. They were not disturbed by passing mortorcycles - buses and cars etc. !! With the "axe" there are some chip calls heard that were uttered on the wind and are different - my "off" is heard just often [sic]. Part C: The animals were not disturbed by the passing traffic. Perched birds gave the "rattle" and the "chips" [many chip calls] - flying individuals uttered "rattle[s]" with the "scream" element and also did utter chip calls while on the wing. After my "off" there are very clear chip calls from one which was perched. ML: Subject changed from recordist's original identification of Phedina borbonica borbonica to Phedina borbonica to conform to eBird Taxonomy (v. 1.55). -Jay McGowan/Matt Medler, July 2015. Other Behaviors: Mate, Social Context: Colony.

Technical Information

Fiberglass Parabola 76.2cm (30in)

Archival Information

12 Oct 2001 by Nancy Schrempf
31 Jan 2012 by Jay McGowan

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