McCown's Longspur

Rhynchophanes mccownii


Richard Bradus
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eBird Checklist S39821002
Presidio--Crissy Field
San Francisco, California, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 37.8041, -122.4643 Map

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Standing up to show many of the identifying features.

Observation details

*** First found and reported as a possible Chestnut-collared by Hugh Cotter, re-found by MOB. Very cooperative as it foraged on the lawn, well seen at distance of just a few meters. Lifer for me, so my ID qualified. In appropriate habitat (preferred the grass of the field to the pathways and more barren areas) and displayed some features suggesting a Chestnut-collared, particularly the relatively short white edged tail with a seemingly broad black central area (seen only briefly in short flight). Most other features, however, seem to fit best with a first year female McCown's: rather pale coloration overall, bill rather large and pinkish color, broad pale supercilium, auriculars relatively plain buffy color with little edging, prominent buffy or clay colored breast band with only minimal streaking on the sides (streaking only visible in shadow - appeared clear in direct light), and moderately long primary projection with relatively even spacing of the tips of the primaries. Did not vocalize and, though seemingly not bothered by the phalanx of birders and lenses, also did not fly but for a brief moment nor spread its tail to allow for definitive examination. See photos.

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