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Guadalupe Murrelet

Synthliboramphus hypoleucus


David Robichaud
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eBird Checklist S38344906
Westport--Offshore waters
Grays Harbor, Washington, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 46.9052, -124.5355 Map

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Observation details

Two together on the water at 46 45.2; 124 54.1. Approached to within perhaps 50 yards. Observed for perhaps 10 min. Very small with upright posture but riding rather low in the water with raised tail. Thin, pointed black bill; black above and white below especially evident on neck, lower face, breast, and undertail. Distinctive face pattern with white between bill and eye extending up above the level of top of eye; white behind eye extending above the bottom of the eye but not as high as in the front. Dark eye standing out from white in face. When approached they dove frequently, but for short duration. Not observed in flight. Detailed Report submitted to WBRC. Photos.

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