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Willet (Eastern)

Tringa semipalmata semipalmata


Craig Provost
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eBird Checklist S37653495
Campbell Bay / Mouth of Charcoal Creek
Franklin, Vermont, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 44.9919, -73.1701 Map

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Observation details

Birds seen earlier in the day by others. Not present upon my arrival. Roughly an hour after arriving, spotted birds approaching from the south low over Charcoal Creek. White visible on leading edge of wings, middle of the primaries. As they circled in to land viewed white stripe on underwing bordered by black. Birds initially landed roughly 100 feet from where I was seated. They worked along the shoreline and eventually were within 25 feet of me. Later, a passing boat spooked two Killdeer which then prompted the Willets to take flight heading south along Charcoal Creek and eventually out of sight. Roughly 25 minutes total viewing time. RSD submitted to the VBRC.

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