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Calidris pugnax


eBird Checklist S36788729
Oak Hammock Marsh PWMA
South Interlake, Manitoba, Canada
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Latitude and Longitude 50.1738, -97.133 Map



Observation details

Flew in to roadside near pond closest to Interpretive Centre at 7:00 am. Fed in stubble beside road for about 20 minutes before flying off. A little bigger than a Lesser Yellowlegs but roughly the same build. Head, neck, and breast black with some black feathers extending to the base of the legs. Belly and under tail coverts white. Wings light gray or brown with dark bars when folded over back. Back gray or light brown. Middle tail feathers dark with white outer tail feathers. Bill orange, straight, and a little longer than the head. Legs orange. Eye dark with an indistinct eye ring. There are some orange-brown feathers between the base of the ball and the eye. On several occasions it raised the neck feathers to partially display the ruff.

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