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Eurasian Skylark

Alauda arvensis


Adrianne Akmajian
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eBird Checklist S36815635
Hobuck Beach
Clallam, Washington, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 48.3395, -124.6718 Map



Observation details

Happened to text Ryan Merrill at the right time and got to come check out this great find by Ryan, Brad, and Dan. North end of Hobuck Beach, north of campground and homes. The bird was staying near the edge of the dune grass. It took a little bit to resight, but while I was there it stayed mostly in view at the very top of the beach, then flew back into the grass and was not visible. Appeared much larger (2x size) than common savannah sparrows also seen on the beach much bulkier body. Breast at neck almost like a dark spotted collar and spotted streaks going down buffy breast. Brown cheeks and brown streaked crown with white eye ring and supercilium, streaking on nape, overall back color mottled brown, orange legs. Unsure if this would be the European and Asian form (will let the guys work that one out). I think ruled out from Sprague's pipit because did not show extensive white on tail in flight, no white-wing bars apparent, and larger size.

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