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Coereba flaveola


Martin Dellwo
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eBird Checklist S35067577
Dania Beach, FL
Broward, Florida, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 26.0503, -80.1125 Map

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Bananaquit, courtyard of the Desoto Inn, Hollywood, FL

Observation details

Imagine my surprise to be sitting in the courtyard/garden of the Desoto Inn, contemplating chasing the reported Bananaquit a half hour north that hadn't been seen for a few weeks. And this bird pops up in a bush. While I grabbed binoculars and then camera, it disappeared, but appeared again allowing great photos. This is a private inn but welcomes visitors, who should nonetheless stay in the street. 315 Desoto St. Hollywood FL. Initially seen in front of parking space H. Apparently this bird has been seen off and on for a month, and photos were posted on the Facebook page for the inn. These guys are great by the way, and have made a particularly strong effort to have native plantings. They have a 'birder' rate later in spring.

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