Imperial Woodpecker

Campephilus imperialis


William L. Rhein
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Sierra Madre Occidental, Taxicaringa Municipality, 79 km south of the city of Durango, 4 km southwest of village of Guacamayita.
Durango, Mexico
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Latitude and Longitude 23.3036, -104.7367 Map

Age and Sex
Adult Female – 1

Media notes

Excerpt of ML Video 468598. NO AUDIO. Archived from digital copy of a 16 mm film gifted to Cornell Lab of Ornithology by Ronald Thorpe, nephew of William Rhein, original recordist. Lat/long accuracy within 2km, determined by field visit in 2010 by Martjan Lammertink and Tim Gallagher who followed landmarks in still slides from 1956 by Richard Heintzelman who was a travel companion of William Rhein. Frames 1046 to 1508 from ML Video 468599 , after stabilization of camera shake in Final Cut Pro software, showing a 15-second climbing scene. Referred to as "Film 2" in Lammertink, M., Gallagher, T.W, Rosenberg, K. V., Fitzpatrick, J. W., Liner, E., Rojas-Tomé, and Escalante, P. 2011. Film documentation of the probably extinct Imperial Woodpecker (Campephilus imperialis). The Auk 128 (4): 671-677. Other Behaviors: Cling, Hop, Perch, Peck. Equipment Notes: Cine-Kodak Special 16 mm camera (according to Richard Heintzelman and Frederick Hilton, travel companions of Rhein who were interviewed by Martjan Lammertink in 2010).

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24 Oct 2010 by Benjamin Clock

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