Solitary Sandpiper

Tringa solitaria


William W. H. Gunn
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Jasper National Park; Small Lake 2 Miles From Maligne Lake.
Alberta, Canada
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NOTES: Alarm notes when put to flight from edge of shore Also some flight display sounds. Also: water run-off from mountain slopes; traffic Q 2-3 The information below pertains to the last part (approx. 1:40) of this catalog number: Continuation of Cut 1 (same bird), but speed reduced to 7.5ips. Q3 There are some important and perhaps comparatively useful recordings of calls of this species on Common Snipe Cut 15 (Reel 3) recorded 11May82 at Crimson Lake Prov. Park, Alberta [note written on separate note card labeled Solitary Sandpiper. mf] [This cut has several parts, the first with a single "Alarm-Flee" call and several "Contact" calls; the second has three sets of "Alarm-Attack" calls; the third has two "Alarm-Flee" calls (the first two-noted and the second three-noted, these separated by a wing flutter as the bird took flight) followed by a complex, Type II song; the fourth, fifth, and sixth parts have primarily "Alarm-Attack" calls; the seventh part has a single "Alarm-Flee" call; the eighth and ninth parts appear to represent copies of the same recording in that each has two four-note calls that may represent "Alarm-Flee" calls, followed by a single complex "Type II" song; the tenth part has a single, three-noted "Alarm-Flee" call and the last two parts have various different "Contact" calls. The terminology above is based on Oring (1968. Wilson Bull. 80:395-420), which is cited by a relatively weak BNA account. Quality added (2, 1-2 in places) - CAM - 29 November 2004].

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22 Oct 1999 by Martha Fischer
22 May 2000 by Matthew D. Medler
by Gail P. Senesac

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