American Coot (Red-shielded)

Fulica americana (Red-shielded)


William W. H. Gunn
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Delta; Delta Marsh, N. Of Rd. Between Station And Bell's Lodge
Manitoba, Canada
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Latitude and Longitude 50.0, -98.0 Map

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Media notes

NOTES: 59094;"night; a good variety of territorial calls; " (WWHG) [This recording begins with series of calls by at least two different birds (0:15-0:37, 0:46-0:52) that are similar to the series in LNS #2804. Between these is another series that probably represents the Perturbation Call discussed in BNA (0:40-0:45; like LNS #2810). The second and third parts of the recording contain harsh, nasal calls that I suspect are Warning Notes by a female (0:52-1:11, 1:13-1:29). The fourth part begins with a decapitated series that I suspect is similar to those at the beginning of the recording (1:37-1:40), this followed by various Recognition Calls given in the background. The fifth part begins with three calls similar to those in the second and third parts (2:03-2:08), followed by a series like those in the first part (2:09-2:16), and finally, ending with three Recognition Calls (2:17-2:20). The sixth part begins with two series of calls (the first decapitated) and ends with four Recognition Calls, apparently given by a female. The seventh part appears to combine the harsh, nasal calls with "puk" Recognition Calls (possibly given in parent-young contact). The eighth part highlights more of the harsh, nasal calls. The ninth part begins with two Recognition Calls by a female (3:27-3:28), followed by two nasal calls (3:30-3:33), and ends with some Recognition Calls in the background (3:34, 3:43-3:47). The last part contains exclusively Recognition Calls, apparently by both a male and a female. Quality added (2-1, 2 - the first part is the BEST) - CAM - 9 March 2005]. Other Behaviors: Advertise.

Background Species

American Bittern - Botaurus lentiginosus
Redhead - Aythya americana
Yellow-headed Blackbird - Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus

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Archival Information

22 Jul 1999 by Geert Dhondt
17 May 2000 by Matthew D. Medler
by Gail P. Senesac

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