Aythya americana


Bill Shelmerdine
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eBird Checklist S97083521
Cape Disappointment SP
Pacific, Washington, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 46.2828, -124.0696 Map

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Initially thought it was a dark Canvasback given rather poor looks at distance in the rain. Initially views recalled Canvasback in bill color and proportion (appeared black at distance in poor light), with sloped head shape. Subsequent views more like Redhead in body plumage and steep forehead/head shape. With better looks, bill color actually appears to be gray with black tip. Now (after returning for better looks and obtaining photos) thinking Redhead. Original notes: "Dark female or Juv. Male type. Overall quite dark , brown back and head, sloping forehead, and large black bill. Loosely associated with Ring-necked Ducks. " Clearly not Canvasback after returning later in better light and calm between rain showers". O'Neil Lake.

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