Chiribiquete Emerald

Chlorostilbon olivaresi


Johnnier Arango-B |
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Tepui comunidad indígena Caño Negro
Caquetá, Colombia
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Latitude and Longitude -0.5485, -72.4582 Map


Media notes

Pictured by Peter Hobbs

Observation details

In February 2021 I organized a private expedition to an unexplored tepui north of the Caquetá River and south of the Chiribiquete massif with the main goal of finding the Chiribiquete Emerald in its known habitat. Thanks to the information provided by Jacob Socolar who was the first person in recording the species for this area and Jose Castaño who visited another tepui days before and gave me indications about the flowers where the bird feeds mainly, we were able to easily find this hummingbird. In the tepui we explored we found 12 males and one immature male of C. olivaresi. Pictures of one adult male (by Peter Hobbs) are included here. The physical details of the birds recorded match in every aspect those on the description article, being the most relevant the red-tinged mandible, the size (larger than the Blue-tailed emerald), length of the bill, and the intense blue color shown by many of the males we observed. The habitat, and the plants where the species feeds most of the time also match with the information about it in the description article. The bird seems to be very regular in the tepui habitat with a single record made by us near our base camp in the forest at the base of the tepui, and very close to the first location. An oncoming scientific note will be published about these records and those made by Jose Castaño in the same location as Jacob Socolar around

Technical Information

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FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS + 1.4X Teleconverter
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560 mm
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1/1600 sec
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