Plumbeous Vireo (Plumbeous)

Vireo plumbeus [plumbeus Group]


Harriette Barker
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Cave Creek Canyon
Cochise, Arizona, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 31.8935, -109.1669 Map

Age and Sex
Adult Female – 1
Adult Male – 1
Call; Song
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NOTES: (Breeding Status: Territorial paired. Behav. Context: Annoyance, threat. Frequency of Sound: Agitated. Gen. Climate: Arid. Cover Density: Medium. Strata: Song perch.) Side A. I had been observing a pair of Solitary Vireos with a nest, and on 16 June, 1981, had come with my recorder and parabola to record the vireo song. It was the male who obligingly performed by singing from several ljuniper tree perches some 20 feet from the nest tree. My presence was a little upsetting and he was joined by his mate sho flew off the next [sic]. Abruptly the song changed to an agitated scold for a flock of Mexican Jays was flying close. The recorded confrontation involved both vireo adults, but at no time did they fly near the sycamore where the nest was. Their activity in harassing the jays was from juniper and oak trees. In several places of the recording the wing movement of the jays is audible and some calls. It is significant to note that these birds arrived without a sound except it is possible to hear some recorded wing movement. Regretfully my tape ran out on one side, and as I was getting it turned over to side B, the jays were distracted and left. I quickly departed also. I visited the site regularly about twice a week since it was in a plot of a breeding bird census. On 23 June, I noticed the nest appeared abandoned and I could find no birds around. I presume the Jays did eventually raid the nest. Other Behaviors: Scold, Emit Alarm. Habitat: Evergreen Forest, Deciduous Forest, Creek, Riparian.

Technical Information

Dan Gibson P650
Dan Gibson Parabola 45.7cm/11cm (18in/4.3in)

Archival Information

30 Oct 2001 by Annette Nadeau
9 Nov 2006 by Martha Fischer

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