Least Bittern

Ixobrychus exilis


Stephen Davies
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eBird Checklist S26554596
Sapsucker Woods
Tompkins, New York, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 42.4788, -76.4529 Map



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This bird showed up at the ponds at the end of Sapsucker Woods Rd, just before it meets Route 13, and was seen by many that day, giving fantastic views of this usually retiring species. Copy of my field notes attached. Transcription: "1 @ pond by side of Rd! Flushed from near side, flew to other side & was watched for 10 min or so stalking through jumbled branches @ edge of pond. First impression in flight v. reminiscent of Green Heron but smaller, mixture of creamy buffy brown, cream & blackish blue green, bright feet extending beyond tail in flight. Dark blackish blue green forehead & crown forming neat dark cap, tapering to point on nape. Bright yellow iris. Rest of head creamy buffy biscuity brown w. pale whitish cream supraloral stripe. Cap well above eye, not extending down to eye level. Throat white. Sides of neck becoming warmer, darker, more orangy. Bill long, strong-looking, straight and pointed. Yellowish horn color w. darker culmen & tip. Breast buffy cream color striped w. thinner white stripes. Whiter on belly. Legs green, feet yellow. Mantle, back & scapulars rich warm brown w. thin neat pale cream stripe down either side of mantle, v. obvious in flight. Wing coverts pale whitish cream, kind of untidy looking with patches of grey. Primaries dark blackish blue-grey like cap. Secondaries brown like mantle. Fantastic views, often in full view, but mostly obscured by branches to some degree. Viewed @ c. 10 m w. Swift 7.5 x 42 mm & Kowa 30 x 77 mm (mostly). Sun above and a little in front of me."

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