Spotted Owl (Mexican)

Strix occidentalis lucida


Virginia Huber
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1.0 km N of Chiricahua Mountains; Portal; Sulphur Draw
Arizona, United States
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Age and Sex
Adult Female – 1
Adult Male – 1
Call; Song
Courtship, Display, or Copulation
; ;

Media notes

NOTES: (Species Sound: Intermittent. Breeding Status: Territorial paired. Stimulus for Sound: Playback Bubo virginianus and "Pygmy Owl." Behav. Context: Arrival? Frequency of Sound: High. Gen. Climate: Arid. Cover Density: Sparse. Strata: Song perch.) the recorder was stopped and started sesveral times to facilitate playback (and subsequent imprfoved reception) to lure the owls closer to the recorder. Part A: 10:25 Part B: 3:47 ML Notes: One call that is heard throughout the recording by probably both the male and female is the "Four-note Location Call" (hoo hoo-hoo hooo), as described in the BNA. Note that the recordist mentions in his recording that the lower-pitched sound is probably from the female, but according to the BNA, females consistently have higher-pitched calls. Later on, the Four-note Location Call seems to change to an "Agitated Location Call", similar the the call mentioned above, except that the last note is replaced by "ow! " (i.e. hoo hoo-hoo ow!) Other calls heard in the recording include the Contact Call which is described in the BNA as a hollow whistle ending in an upward inflection and phoneticized as coo-weep!) These Contact Calls may possibly evolve into "Agitated Contact Calls). The recording may also include several barks which the BNA phoneticizes as ow!-ow!-ow!-ow!-ow! or yenk!-yenk!-yenk!-yenk! CZ 13/01/2004. Sound stimulation was (other): playbk owl species, see notes. Other Behaviors: Advertise, Mate. Habitat: Forest, Coniferous Forest, Deciduous Forest, Thicket/Brush, Canyon, Rocky.

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 404
Dan Gibson Parabola 45.7cm/11cm (18in/4.3in)

Archival Information

5 Dec 2001 by Annette Nadeau
13 Jan 2004 by Claudia Zan
18 Nov 1982 by Steve Greenspun

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