white-handed x pileated gibbon (hybrid)

Hylobates lar x pileatus


Warren Y. Brockelman
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Khao Yai National Park; Khlong Sai (TOT) area; 200 m east of Training Center
Nakhon Nayok, Thailand
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Latitude and Longitude 14.4167, 101.3836 Map

Age and Sex
Adult Female – 1
Adult Male – 2
Call; Duet
; ;
Not Used


Habitat: Tropical forest. Group TO1, with lar-like female and pileatus-like male, giving alarm calls and duets, including nine great-call sequences (starting about 6:21). A lar male, perhaps from a neighboring group, also gives hoots but does not take part in the duet. The lar-like female is probably a hybrid backcross to lar, and the pileatus-like male is probably a hybrid backcross to pileatus. The female has a great-call that is slightly faster the typical lar call, and the male has a hoot-series and a "bubble" sound that is definitely slower than typical pileatus male phrases, given at the end of his hoot series at the end of the great-call. The passage starts with "hoo'sigh", inhale-exhale phrases of the female, which are often given during inter-group conflicts. The lar male can be heard easily around 2:23 and 2:47 in the cut. Pileatus-like male solo conflict phrases can be heard most strongly around 5:47, and he takes part vigorously in all the later great-call sequences after the female starts the duet. Mountain Imperial Pigeon is heard frequently in the background. Equipment Notes: Unspecified Sony cassette recorder and Sony microphone.

Background Species

Mountain Imperial-Pigeon - Ducula badia

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13 Mar 2014 by David McCartt
13 Mar 2014 by David McCartt
13 Mar 2014 by David McCartt

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