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Derek Solomon
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Klaserie Game Reserve, Headquarters.
Limpopo, South Africa
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Latitude and Longitude -24.2457, 31.2137 Map

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Dawn chorus in the boma next to headquarters in Klaserie Game Reserve, Limpopo on 11/11/09 starting at 05h30. White-browed Scrub Robin, Burchell's Coucal & Emerald-spotted Wood Dove all soft in beginning. 0.16 Natal Spurfowl followed by White-browed Scrub Robin. Dark-capped Bulbul in background. 0.55 Burchell's Coucal in back. 1.08 Scrub Robin. 1.32 Cape Turtle Dove. 2.22 Natal Spurfowl. Lots of wind in microphone. 4.02 continuation of Scrub Robin. 4.33 Turtle Dove. 6.07 Turtle Dove then Scrub Robin. 6.58 Coucal. 7.10 Grey-headed Bush Shrike (single notes). 7.22 White-bellied Sunbird. 7.30 Coucal. 7.49 Natal Spurfowl. 8.16 Red-billed hornbills. 8.43 Black-backed Jackal barking. 9.04 Crested Francolin. 9.17 Hornbills. 9.27 Natal Spurfowl. 10.30 Hamerkop (and lots of wind). 10.52 Fork-tailed Drongo including mimicking various birds. 11.38 mimics Pearl-spotted Owlet. Turtle Doves in foreground. 12.12 Hornbills. 12.28 Drongo still mimicking owlet. 13.12 harsh note by Drongo repeated at 13.53 and at 14.47. Drongo about 5m from microphone. 16.09 Grey Hornbill in back. 16.03 Hamerkop - repeated regularly as a single note. 17.35 Crested Barbet in background. 17.40 Turtle Doves calling rapidly. 17.54 Drongo mimicking Dark-backed Puffback. 18.36 Drongo. 18.49 Grey-headed Bush Shrike. 19.12 Rattling Cisticola. 19.40 Long-billed Crombec. 20.00 Natal Spurfowl then Hamerkop. 20.33 Drongo. 20.48 Grey-headed Bush Shrike. 21.00 Turtle Dove alight call. 21.13 Turtle Dove with Hamerkop in back. 22.39 Raptor probably Yellow-billed Kite. 23.21 Lions calling way in background. GPS S24.14.44.52 E31.12.49.32 Altitude 600m. Equipment Notes: Decoded MS Stereo.

Technical Information

Sound Devices 722
Sennheiser MKH 30; Sennheiser MKH 40

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15 May 2012 by Jay McGowan
15 May 2012 by Jay McGowan
15 May 2012 by Jay McGowan