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Tonle Sap Lake
Siemréab, Cambodia
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Latitude and Longitude 13.2396, 103.8247 Map

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Equipment Notes: Decoded MS stereo, made with Sennheiser MKH 30/MKH 50; Subjects 1,2,7. 2X Sennheiser MKH 20 for split track recordings; Subjects 3-6. Dat #6 TONLE SAP LAKE with ROT, RANGER and ZEB 11/12/05 Flight to SReap - 419 flight attendant announcements Ms stereo -needs to be decoded 900 village ambi at boat ¿dock¿ motor running in bg 1353 getting ready to get on boat in tonlesap lake -boat motor in bg, some village stuff -baby crying 1600ish Rot talking in OSME ctr about what the ctr does -biodiversity¿ 1907 actually getting on boat -some footsteps; talk in khmer; boat horn 1958 2025 boat engine start up; squeaking; oars; horn 2054 engine excel; boat go 2137 boat faster; oar -out of phase? Lots of boat engine 2532 boat faster MKH20s -no decoding necessary -spaced omnis 3027 boat slower 3037 slower boat 3119 boat slower water hitting side 3206 zeb talk in bg -can't use this for ambi bed 3349 faster boat some talking 3653 good sqeaks 3704 loud boat horn 3712 boat faster and talk in khmer 3927 getting off boat at floating village 4010 trying to figure out plan -can't use tape 4212 floating village - at section where lots of kids (prep for wedding) 4617 prep of food -lots of kids talking 4758 talk in khmer 5050 pour talking about the people who borrowed this place for wedding ¿bannan tree custom -for luck 1000 still in village 10440 getting on fast boat -boat engine 10710 getting on fast boat -again 10723 fast boat motor starting -boat motor 11043 - 11600 boat motor faster 11622 -birds - 11719 vg bird 11729 vg birds 11813 -12410 Vg birds -setting up 12430 ms asking what kind of birds -are they Indian commerants? Indian darters? 12451 rot -darters Where are they from>? 12504 Rot - They start to nest during this season but Ms -strt to nest end of oct Rot -then they leave in the dry season (hard to understand them) Ms -where migr from? 12540 rot asking the boat driver 12635 pour translating for the ranger -MS -where are birds coming from And how long here 12652 ranger talking in khmer 12723 tranl pour -before we had around 600 birds in 2000 and now we come 4000 in 2004 in this period of time Ms -where from? 12804 ranger 12819 pour -not sure where from but this bird is from long time ago 12839 ms -oriental darters Pour -yes o. darter and in khmer we call is smaa (?) 12852 ms -where are we and why impr for birds -signif of this place 12942 Rot - this area -big threat of this area is cutting the flooded forest and we have to preserve bc the flooded forest is the habitat for not only human for biodiversity of bird species and fish as well and other priority is the chick andbird collection so that why this area become protect are in ts great lake area Ms -in terms of mog species of birds -do you know how many come here? 13045 rot ???? found 600 of that time -we find a lot of species that ????? can't understand him -pelican, oriental raptor, LISTS some of the bird species and also Asian (not sure if we can use this bc hard to understand him)?? as well. Ms -these are all bird species ¿endangered species yes we are looking at these birds and there are hundreds of these oriental darters in the trees -just looking around I can see dozens of these trees with hundreds of these birds already 13100 rot -have found a lot of species that are going to be extinct -LISTS name of somebirds 13135 endangered 13204 -rot -just start to increase after we have started biolog conservation in this area And OSme org and Wildlife Conserv Society and we are working on conserve activity especially focus on this area for water bird species (this could work -not sure how much we can understand him) that is why you can see lots of birds here bc the population is increasing more a... (Notes truncated)

Background Species

Oriental Darter - Anhinga melanogaster

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 20; Sennheiser MKH 30; Sennheiser MKH 50

Archival Information

31 Aug 2010 by David McCartt
31 Aug 2010 by David McCartt
31 Aug 2010 by David McCartt