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Banff National Park; Dormer River area
Alberta, Canada
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Latitude and Longitude 51.6183, -115.6024 Map

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Subject 1: (Environmental Recording). Subtitle: Trickling stream. Timecode In: 00:27:39. Timecode out: 00:27:57. Subject 2: (Equus caballus caballus). Timecode In: 00:28:13. Timecode out: 00:31:46. Behaviors: clip-clops; walk. Subject 3: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Horse bell. Timecode In: 00:37:01. Timecode out: 00:41:00. Subject 4: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Boots, Spurs. Timecode In: 01:06:55. Timecode out: 01:08:19. Subject 5: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Creaking gate. Timecode In: 01:09:54. Timecode out: 01:11:19. Subject 6: (Interview). Subtitle: Bert Dyck. Timecode In: 01:22:16. Timecode out: 01:34:07. Notes: Banff National Park; Bow Valley; Yellowstone to Yukon; Y2Y; Canmore. Subject 7: (Interview). Subtitle: Karsten Heuer. Timecode In: 01:41:10. Timecode out: 02:04:57. Notes: Banff National Park; Yellowstone to Yukon; Y2Y; Hiking. Habitat: ; ; Equipment Notes: Stereo=2: 1=L, 2=R; Decoded MS Stereo. Y2Y Dat#7 ms recording ambi 00:11 -1:19 horses walking. Running water in the background. Horses picking up the pace. Running water getting louder. (Two people talking about Karsten taking photos and waiting for everybody to catch up.) ambi 2:24 -3:22 horses walking on trail. Sound of stones falling away. AC 3:40 breathing heavily. We're coming out of the Dormer River area. I'm not sure if it's a river or a creek. Anyway, it was flat and we're now on top of a ridge heading into Panther Creek area. I'm not sure whether that's a creek or a river either, but. I just walked up this ridge side which I guess is a 20 minute climb up here, and I've got some idea what Karsten is going through on this walk. more heavy breathing. 4:16 ambi 5:35 -7:47 a "look-back" mike. Pointing microphone towards Alex and crew behind. Sound of horses walking and people breathing and sniffing. (Alex asking Perky what kind of skull he found. Perky faintly replies that it's a pelvis bone. More talk ensues. Alex states that you have to be sure-footed on this precarious part of the trail.) ambi 8:40 -12:10 more "look-back" mike. Horses snorting. People sniffing. Someone comments on blackness of stone. More trail sounds. Karsten talking in background with Perky. Horses walk through small stream. ambi 12:11 -14:01 sound of heavy breathing in the foreground of trail walking sounds. Good "exertion sound". ambi 18:07 -23:04 a little wind with horse, Uma, eating a lot. Water in background. Some faint birds in background. ambi 23:45 -27:34 sounds of heavy breathing. walking on slate. Sound of slate falling and colliding. ambi 27:34 -28:00 nice sound of trickling stream. ambi 28:29 -32:05 tail end of the ride. Sounds of horses walking on stone trail with people talking in background intermittently. Horses snorting. ambi 32:33 -34:01 sounds of dismounting. Karsten points out an antler to Perky. Horse shakes up on one of the dismounts. AC 35:37 It's 4:30 in the afternoon, we've just arrived at Barrier Cabin which is near Panther creek. Is it a creek or river? .. river. And, God, it's a nice looking cabin ... nice walk down here. ambi 37:01 - 41:00 sound of a bell around horse's neck that allows for easy tracking in case they run away at night. Nice bell sound. ambi 41:30 -43:45 sound of the hobbles. ambi 44:25 -46:51 ambience outside, off of the horses and the night. You can still hear faint bell in background. "never be free of the bell". ambi 46:58 -49:40 more dramatic version of the previous ambience. Louder wind and bell. horse snort. This one is more effective than the last. (early morning cool gave the DAT machine a little technical difficulty) ambi 52:08 -1:04:37 early morning sound. bell in background. horses walking. Faint sound of birds chirping. sound of someone chopping wood (not great sound). ambi 1:05:16 -1:05:53 sounds from inside the cabin. People talking and moving around. ambi... (Notes truncated)

Background Species

Horse (caballus) - Equus caballus caballus

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 30; Sennheiser MKH 40

Archival Information

4 Aug 2010 by Ben Brotman
3 Aug 2010 by Ben Brotman
4 Aug 2010 by Ben Brotman