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Banff National Park; Dormer Pass
Alberta, Canada
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Latitude and Longitude 51.481, -115.558 Map

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Habitat: ; ; Equipment Notes: Stereo=2: 1=L, 2=R; Decoded MS Stereo. Y2Y DAT #6 recording in ms date/time: Sunday, Sept. 27. 9:33 a.m. location: a cabin in Dormer ambi 1:31 - 2:42 very faint stream. Engineer tribute 2:42 I¿m looking around me right now, and I¿ve got to tell you something. I don¿t remember the last time I looked at something in such total awe. The whales maybe, but this is something quite incredible. Mountains all around you that just dwarf you. History of time on this planet being sculpted indelibly in these mountains. It¿s really quite amazing. This is a stop-down. 3:34 ambi 4:13 - 5:05 ambience from inside the cabin. No indistinguishable sounds, just a cozy silence. ambi 5:29 - 5:32 sounds of flipping the pages of the Dormer cabin logbook. AC 5:40 The first entry is July 17, 1982 ambi 5:47 - 6:03 more sounds of flipping the pages of the Dormer cabin logbook. ambi 6:30 - 10:50 ambience from inside the cabin. Opening a window. Opening and closing the oven (several tries). Stoking the fire. Opening and closing the oven again. (intermittent talking throughout segment). Burt Dyck [BD] 12:19 - 20:56 reads through some of the logbook entries. ambi 25:23 - 25:36 the sound of Perky opening the door and walking in. Great sound of boots on the wood floor. Perky [P] 26:22 July 20, 1992. ? patrol from Stony Creek, beautiful summer day. 70+ on Dormer¿s summit. 20/6 ratio adult to kid goats on the blackshell. Lots of bears hiding around the cabin. Fishing good. Oft windy. Keith Everts (?) 26:44 P 27:34 August 1, 1991. ? barrier in a helluva downpour. No time for lunch. Four hours over the short cut. Clear once in a while. Nice evening of escargot and scotch, cribbage, the competition continues. Doug Dalebred and Steven Martin. 27:50 ambi 28:04 - 28:17 the sound of pages flipping while they¿re looking for another journal segment for Perky to read. Great ¿page¿ ambience. P 29:30 September 21, 1984. In late from four mile bridge. 30 cm of fresh snow in the pass. Windy. Poor visibility. (29:38) 12 rams on south side of the pass. 10 rams above the old cabin. Snowing all day. Happy Equinox. September 22. Still snowing. Visibility nil. September 23. Still snowing. About 25 cm at the cabin. Hike up the valley. 40 sheep, 6 goats on the south slopes of Mount Manathee (?). Off to Banff tomorrow, hopefully. Doug Harvey. 30:03 P 30:25 September 21, 1984. In late from four mile bridge. Bridge out. 30 cm of snow in the pass. Windy. Poor visibility. 30:34 ambi 30:47 - 30:58 more sounds of loosed pages being flipped. P 32:35 November 18, 1995. Blew in from barrier in late afternoon shanuck Old elk tracks and deer tracks in the valley. Five sheep above the cabin. To the corners (?) in the a.m. to meet Frank Burstrum (?). 20 cm of snow on the ground. Miles of blue sky above. Karsten Heuer. 32:55 P 33:32 September 17, 1995. In from Stony Creek. First time I¿ve ever been over Dormer Pass and didn¿t see any wildlife. Weather getting cold. Oft windy tomorrow. 8 inches of fresh snow this morning, still snowing moderately. Could be a wet ride. Frank Burstrum. 33:52 ambi 35:24 - 36:03 sweeping the cabin sounds. 37:06 - 40:45 people packing up the horses and talking. Talking about what people pack on their horses. Perky does most of the talking. Someone mentions that packing competitions in the rodeos. Perky elaborates on it (he¿s never won, though). ambi 41:16 - 41:30 the tightening of straps and the packing of the saddles. ambi 44:45 - 46:57 trickling water into a basin. Followed by faint sounds of what seems like someone packing. ambi 47:13 - 49:44 heavy sounds of packing saddle bags and moving stuff around. There¿s a cough and quiet talking and a definite sense of people in the scene. ambi 50:45 -... (Notes truncated)

Background Species

Horse (caballus) - Equus caballus caballus

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 30; Sennheiser MKH 40

Archival Information

4 Aug 2010 by Ben Brotman
3 Aug 2010 by Ben Brotman
4 Aug 2010 by Ben Brotman