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Rio Tiputini bridge
Orellana, Ecuador
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Latitude and Longitude -0.6376, -76.1504 Map

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Habitat: ; ; Equipment Notes: Decoded MS Stereo using MKH 50/30 to 1:30:44; Spaced Omni Stereo using MKH 20 to end. Ecuador DAT Log 3 Key: DPAs: twin DPA 4060 omnis head=spaced MS: undecoded mid-side with MKH50 hypercardioid mid, MKH30 fig8 side 20s: split track or spaced stereo with twin MKH20 omnis DAT 3- Boat trip down Tiputini River Fri Oct 28 2005 00000 Flawn slates MS miking at riverbank under bridge over Tiputini River 00025 birders keep birding 00350 engine starts for the first time, idles, revs¿hesitates, almost dies several times 00610 we're underway, but engine stays problematical as we float along 01350 cruising, nice waves with motor sound, engine keeps dying 01520 bigger water and engine sound 01800 engine hesitates at full throttle 01910 farther forward, engine less dominant, waves more clear 01940 Alex standup about rain on the Tiputini 02410 relocate to front of boat for bow wave 03220 pulling on start cord, restart engine, cruise 03926 spot pink river porpoises, idle slowly, then restart engine 04450 cruising again, birders keep birding 05320 bow wave and some voices 10230 arrive at dock, start to offload small packs and us 10850 at dining hall 11010 camp briefing by Diego Mosquera 12035 Alex standup at dining hall¿"call it a day" 12230 walk to cabins Friday night 13030 I arrive at cabin 11 13040 Saturday 6AM ***** oropendola birds in tree outside cabin (spaced MKH20 stereo) 15714 Flawn back announces birds 15740 Alex standup about oropendola nests 15814 end tape 3.

Background Species

Russet-backed Oropendola - Psarocolius angustifrons

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 20; Sennheiser MKH 30; Sennheiser MKH 50

Archival Information

30 Jun 2010 by Ben Brotman
30 Jun 2010 by Ben Brotman
30 Jun 2010 by Ben Brotman