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Vrindavan; ISKCON Temple
Uttar Pradesh, India
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Latitude and Longitude 27.5722, 77.6778 Map

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Subject 1: (Environmental Recording). Subtitle: Vrindavan temple sounds. Timecode In: 00:00:04. Timecode out: 01:47:13. Subject 2: (Environmental Recording). Subtitle: Vrindavan garden sounds. Timecode In: 01:47:14. Timecode out: 02:07:32. Notes: Includes multiple bird vocalizations. Equipment Notes: 4-Channel Surround; 1=L, 2=R, 3=Ls, 4=Rs. Show: Geography of Heaven; Vrindavan, India Log of DAT #: 13 Engineer: Flawn Williams Date: November 2003 DAT 13: SurF. First surround sound recordings, Friday morning Nov 7th 4am service at ISKCON temple near MVT compound. 00000 Quiet Chants with harmonium and single drum 00220 nice single bell over drum and chant 00315 twin conch shells wail with continuing drum and chant *** 00400 harmonium and drum cease, quiet with occasional hand cymbals 00515 amplified chant leader starts slow kirtan, group response, hand cymbals 01500 same song, but percussion gets more active, tempo picks up 01540 percussion stops, song continues as air 01635 same song, new key, rhythm resumes 02600 same song continues, but group size and energy getting stronger 02655 breaks into higher energy Hare Krishna chant, familiar tune to Westerners 02910 same high energy tune, conches join in to 03000 03035 shift tempo slower, then build again, descant part 03120 music ends, quiet call and response prayer 03330 cymbals and gentle percussion start new song, then vocals add in 03430 several bells clang over quiet unfamiliar chant tune, tune continues *** 03900 song ends, business report, 04440 slow song, call and response with percussion, cymbals prayers. 05240 percussion gets more active, song continues 05412 percussion ends, chant call and response continue 05500 drone (harmonium) and quiet sung chant 05740 recording levels change, sung chant continues *** 10000 sung chant ends, distant voices 10250 good single bell in clear with just incoherent voices behind it *** 13205 good multiple bells with light murmur behind *** 14715 end temple, restart in garden at MVT for ambiances near gazebo, good single birds at top, 15140 active multiple birds, parrots, and distant amplified chant reverberating through town, traffic noise. 15250 footsteps pass on walk, distant voice, ambiance continues, distant PA more pronounced. 15450 distant PA gets even more pronounced. Equal intensity with birds ambi. 15610 parrot flyby with PA in background 15740 another parrot flyby, followed by distant footsteps on sidewalk 20000 PA gets louder in distance, one good parrot flyover in foreground *** tapes end 2:07:33.

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13 Apr 2010 by David McCartt
13 Apr 2010 by David McCartt
13 Apr 2010 by David McCartt