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Punta Tombo
Chubut, Argentina
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Latitude and Longitude -44.0389, -65.2024 Map

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Media notes

Subject 1: (Interview). Subtitle: Dee Boersma, Christopher Joyce. Timecode In: 00:00:39. Timecode out: 00:20:53. Notes: Magellanic penguins discussion. Subject 2: (Interview). Subtitle: Dee Boersma, Christopher Joyce. Timecode In: 00:36:11. Timecode out: 02:07:24. Notes: Magellanic penguin discussion. Subject 3: Magellanic Penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus). Timecode In: 00:54:54. Timecode out: 00:55:23. Notes: Includes Mutual Duet vocalization. Subject 4: Magellanic Penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus). Timecode In: 02:03:59. Timecode out: 02:04:08. Equipment Notes: Decoded MS stereo. Show: Argentina Log of DAT #:8 Engineer: Flawn Date: February 15th, 2003 0:05 Flawn says this tape is ms pair mkh 50, mkh 30. 0:40 DB This is interesting here, you've got a male and a female and look here he's trying to get her to come into that nest. And do you see how he's bending down? We call this a kind of a circle dance. He's going to try to circle around her with his neck bent. And now he's in the nest. And you'll notice there's another pair just behind, in their nest so it's almost like apartment living here, there just about a beak away from one another. CR And you call it what? 1:06 DB Circle dancing, because the male often will circle around the female and he'll keep circling around trying to get here to come into that nest sight. So if she'll wander away you'll see him run out, circle around her and try to herd her back into that nest. And often the female will be not his mate and so she'll just continue to walk along. But he'll try a number of times to do those circle dances at least for her to stop and take a look And often females will, you know, spending some time looking at the nest and often times, for whatever reason, she'll decide that's not quite the one she wants and off she'll go again. We've been able to actually show females prefer nests that have high cover, presumably because it protects them from the wind, it protects them from the sun and they need the shade to keep them cool, and so that's what females look for. And we know that because, again, we've followed these males for such a long period of time that we've looked from one year to another and we've used the same male and said okay, if the male moved to a nest that has a higher cover did more females stop to visit him, or the same number, or less? And what we are able to show is that more females stopped to visit if a male moved to a nest of higher cover. If a male moved to a nest of lower cover in the following year, few females visited him, and if he moved to a nest with the same cover, the same number of females visited him. So females are paying attention to the nest sight. And that's pretty interesting to us in comparison to other penguins, like a Daly penguins, what the penguins pay attention to is how fat or how heavy the male is, cause the males in Daly penguins take the first incubation duty, so if a female picks a skinny male he's likely to have deserted her eggs. Here the female takes the first incubation stint so presumably she's looking at the real-estate in terms of where she has to sit for a couple of weeks until he comes back. 3:00 CR Interesting, so it's either the environment that determines the choice or in the Daly case their looking at the size of the male. 3:09 DB Right. So here they're looking at real estate, there they're looking at the fatness of the male. So corvettes and houses work. 3:22-3:42 Ambi. Wind, penguins, walking sounds. 3:43 DB Notice how close these, uh, mated pairs are. Here you can tell that's a mated couple. Look they're laying side by side, they're touching each other, often you'll even see them mutually, what we call it mutually preening, but they gently peck one another's necks with their bill in places where they couldn't normally preen themselves, but really affec... (Notes truncated)

Background Species

Magellanic Penguin - Spheniscus magellanicus

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 30; Sennheiser MKH 50

Archival Information

17 Mar 2010 by David McCartt
17 Mar 2010 by David McCartt
17 Mar 2010 by David McCartt