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Equipment Notes: Decoded MS stereo. Show: Thailand Wildlife Trade Log of DAT #10, Bangkok Weekend Market ¿ Tony Lynam With MS pair, MKH4030 ¿ Engineer: Charles Thompson Date: September 25, 2003 ng=not good ok=okay g=good vg=very good Sky Train to Market Ambi 1:15 traffic ambi 1:41 Passing cars, various motors, traffic, MS chatting with another English-speaking voice ambi g 5:12 Counting and dropping change in a ticket/token machine for 4 ppl, until 6:37 traffic ambi g 6:46-51 high heels running FX ok 7:06 car horn FX 7:09 thudding footsteps climbing steps until 7:34 ok traffic ambi continues. 8:04 Thai children talking added to ambi ok 8:21 PA system announcing next station in Thai and English ok 8:44 Children talking, laughing FX vg Voices on bus, coughing, laughter, announcement, running motor ambi. g 9:49 vehicle slowing to a stop, people shifting, leaving. 10:02 mic now off the bus also, street sounds, voices, motors, ambi louder. 10:24 children FX ok 10:32 reversing sound, beeping of car FX vg 10:37 now on new vehicle, either train/metro system or quieter truck making regular rhythmic pattern over segments of a road/bridge, Thai voices ambi, shuffling around, children's squeaky toy ambi 11:42 Now out of vehicle again, Thai voice singing over loud speakers, Thai conversations, laughing, passing motors, vehicle reversing, squeaky brakes, TL discussing wrong stop made, leading back in other direction g 14:15 off the street again, entering vehicle with other ppl, footsteps, shuffling, voices ambi ok 14:49 motor starts, Thai voices, shuffling, footsteps, static of walkie talkie ambi ok 16:34 cell phone FX, (TL answers) ok 17:20 STOP DOWN 17:28 PA, children and Thai voices, vehicles, cell phone ambi ok 17:58 out in street, voices ambi continues, passing vehicles, horns ambi now clearer vg 18:50 pop music FX ok 21:53 jack hammer ambi ok 22:14-28 jack hammer vg 22:43 beating drum FX ok 23:36 whistle FX g 23:58 pop music ambi, motor ambi fades significantly, some horns, TL and MS chatting, market voices ambi ok 24:27 ok: MS: So you're essentially surreptitiously acquiring that park? TL: It's going to be one of our sites, yeah. And the park has asked us to go there b/c they need help with developing the capacity to protect wildlife, and one of the things that we have to offer is arrange a training program which we've actually started already. And we've initiated contact with the local police who are pretty cooperative at getting things done, and we're trying to establish a line of engagement btwn the natural parks and the police ppl out there so they work tog better. A lot of probs with enforcement are lack of comm., lack of info sharing, as well as lack of capacity to do the job, training and then getting that comm. going at the same time is really important. MS: So this is a friendly takeover? TL: yeah. 25:55 vg: TL: We're in the Bangkok weekend market in central Bangkok, also known as Chadachack [sp] weekend market. MS: Tony is there anything you can't buy here; I've read that there's tens of 1000s of shops here, that 100s of 1000s of ppl come here each weekend day to buy things; is there anything here that you can't buy? TL: This market is a weekend clearing house for all kinds of prods ranging from handicrafts to clothes to food to animals, furniture it's all here MS: and unfortunately a lot of those animals are animals we've been talking about TL: a lot of the animals are animals that we've been talking about in terms of conserving animals there are many species of animals that are on show here on sale here that are protected species not just protected in Thai but also protected in other countries. Some of these are actually illegally being sold here. Today we'll have an opp to go around and... (Notes truncated)

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Sennheiser MKH 30; Sennheiser MKH 40

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8 Mar 2010 by David McCartt
8 Mar 2010 by David McCartt
8 Mar 2010 by David McCartt