Bicknell's Thrush

Catharus bicknelli


eBird Checklist S56683790
Long Point--Breakwater (restricted access)
Norfolk, Ontario, Canada
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Latitude and Longitude 42.5611, -80.2817 Map



Plain face, pinkish legs, gray flanks, buffy throat

Observation details

Caught in mn02 at 08:50 by Alex. When pulled out of the bag back at the lab we knew straight away that we were dealing with a GCTH type but for calling it a GCTH we didn't like the back contrast to a faint reddish looking tail. The bird had a buffish washed throat and very greyish flanks. The leg colour where spot on for BITH looking pretty strong pinkish fleshed. We used the amount of yellow on lower mandible which where around half the way - but I have seen a lot of photos now and it dosen't seem like a realible feature. We used Pyle to take all needed measurment: WG: 96 mm Tail: 66 mm P8 - p6: 5,7 mm P8 - p1: 26 mm Pp covs - p10: 1 mm Recording to Pyle the p8-p1 and pp covs - p10 dosen't fit GCTH and we could finally ID this bird as BITH. Feathers are taken for DnA.

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