Kentucky Warbler

Geothlypis formosa


eBird Checklist S56006907
Hinckley Park, South Portland
Cumberland, Maine, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 43.6281, -70.256 Map



Observation details

Rare to Maine. I initially thought this was the 5th state record, but apparently there are up to 60 records mostly from banding stations. Leon Mooney and I first spotted this bird in the southeast corner of the first pond (closest to parking lot). It was seen in low bushes along the where the trail along southern edge of pond meets the trail on the eastern side. This KEWA popped out briefly in the open emerging from low shrubs on the pond side of the trail with a COYE and crossed the trail only to return to the pond side and then disappeared and was not relocated. We viewed the bird for maybe 1 minute tops. The photo shows dark cap and auriculars, all yellow underside, olive green upperparts, and yellow spectacles. I have no experience with this species and although I I initially thought this was an adult male, the auriculars don't appear to be as bold as most of the photos that I have gone through of adult males. They also appear darker than those viewed on photos and artistic renderings of females of this species. I am certainly open to anyone's two cents here with more experience on this species as I am not certain if this is an adult male or SY male.

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