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Dzanga-Sangha Reserve; Elephant bai; Mirador observation platform
Sangha-Mbaéré, Central African Republic
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Latitude and Longitude 2.9543, 16.3641 Map

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Media notes

Subject 1: (Environmental Recording). Subtitle: Bai night ambi. Timecode In: 00:00:03. Timecode out: 02:07:17. Subject 2: African Forest Elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis). Timecode In: 00:05:45. Timecode out: 02:07:12. Equipment Notes: 4-Channel Surround; 1=L, 2=R, 3=Ls, 4=Rs; Schoeps MK 2. Show: Dzanga Elephants Log of DAT #: 17A Engineer: Bill McQuay Date: Feb 26/27 2002 Night at the Bai Ambi. Nighttime in the Bai. Darkness may have fallen, but the Bai remains vibrant with sound. There is the pulsing hum of the insects, and the frogs carry on a lively conversation amongst themselves. There are occasional bird squawks and the sloshing of elephant tusks in water. All of this communication provides a backdrop of sound that is constant as the night progresses. 5:45 FX elephant rumble. 6:45 FX elephant call. 7:13-7:29 FX Elephant rumbles twice. 11:00 FX Loud elephant trumpet. 11:15 FX ominous elephant rumble. 12:03 FX rumble. 13:05 FX rumble. 16:20 FX rumble rumble. 17:51 FX short rumble, more like a burp. 20:01-20:11 FX rumble. 20:21 FX rumble. 21:57 FX rumble. 23:51 FX quick little trumpet. 25:25 FX distant quick trumpet. 27:46-28:14 FX Elephant rumbling and trumpeting. Frogs go crazy. 29:24 FX Quick trumpet. 30:19 FX rumble. 31:17 FX Short trumpet. 33:24 FX rumble. 37:53 FX rumble trumpet - quiet. 38:09 FX loud trumpet. 38:20-38:42 FX repeated rumbling, sounds nearby. 40:13 FX trumpeting 53:58 FX trumpet. 53:28 FX rumble. 54:38-54:45 FX two rumbles. 59:49 FX rumble. 1:04:35 FX sharp loud call. 1:07:26 FX quick trumpet in the distance. 1:13:11 FX trumpet. 1:06:28 FX Grunt. 1:16:46 FX trumpet. 1:25:28 FX rumble. 1:27:24 FX trumpet. 1:27:36 FX rumble. 1:29:41 FX loud trumpet. 1:36:09 FX small rumble. 1:40:30 FX Trumpet. 1:51:50-1:52:00 FX trumpet - musical sound like a brass trumpet. 1:55:23-1:56:27 FX low rumbling, like snoring. 1:01:56 FX trumpet 2:02:22 FX trumpet 2:02:26 Frog croaking loudly, then answered. 2:07:09 FX rumble. 2:07:17 Stopdown.

Background Species

African Forest Elephant - Loxodonta cyclotis

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26 Mar 2010 by Ben Brotman
25 Mar 2010 by Ben Brotman
26 Mar 2010 by Ben Brotman