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Dzanga-Sangha Reserve; Andrea Turkalo camp; Near elephant bai and Mirador observation platform
Sangha-Mbaéré, Central African Republic
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Latitude and Longitude 2.9543, 16.3641 Map

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Subject 1: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Sloshing though swamp, Walking in water. Timecode In: 00:22:41. Timecode out: 00:25:09. Subject 2: (Environmental Recording). Subtitle: Quiet bai ambi. Timecode In: 00:39:00. Timecode out: 00:54:30. Subject 3: African Forest Elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis). Timecode In: 00:51:55. Timecode out: 00:51:56. Subject 4: (Interview). Subtitle: Chris Clark. Timecode In: 01:13:23. Timecode out: 01:40:09. Subject 5: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Hammering nails. Timecode In: 01:40:17. Timecode out: 01:41:09. Habitat: ; ; Equipment Notes: Spaced Omni Stereo. Show: CAR Elephants Log of DAT #: 4A Engineer: Bill McQuay Date: Feb. 21-23, 2002 KP = Katy Payne CC = Chris Clark AT = Andrea Turkalo EC = Eric Spaulding AC = Alex Chadwick CJ = Carolyn Jensen Bill = Bill McQuay Drive from Doli Lodge to Andrea Turkalo's camp. Hike to the Bai. Beginning of Chris Clark hanging an ARU (Autonomous Recording Unit). 0:03 Bill tests speakers. 0:18 Ambi. Riding in the truck. Engine rumbling. Revving up and getting going. Bumping along, sounds of seat wires creaking over the bumps. 1:14 Ambi. Slows down for a little while to go over some bumps, picks the pace back up. 1:45-1:55 Lots of bumps. 2:18 Truck speeds up. *2:23 FX Big bump. 2:24-2:45 African guides speaking to one another as truck goes on. 2:45 Ambi. Truck speeding up, heading along the road. 4:17 AC-S So this is the road to camp, to Andrea's camp. It's about 10 miles down dirt road, rut road, bump road, and pothole road. We're surrounded by forest all around us, big tall trees, very green. Although it's a wilted green. This is kind of the height of the dry season. Roads in places has sand traps like the one that caught us yesterday. 4:50 Ambi, truck keeps bumping along. 5:08 FX Truck idles for a few seconds then starts up again. 5:27 Ambi. Bumping along. 6:41- African guides speaking to each other as the truck idles. 6:58 AC Are we saying park here? What's he doing Carolyn? 7:10 CJ He has something that he's meant to carry for some people and he has to give it to them. 7:29 Truck starts up again, brief exchange between the guides. Truck revving up and getting going. 8:01 AC There is Katy Payne. 8:06 Truck stops, parking break is put on, motor stops. 8:18 Katy Payne talking to guides. 8:27 AC Katy! 8:29 KP Ah, Alex, you made it! How about that!. (Kissing hellos) 8:31 AC We're late, I'm sorry. 8:33 KP That's alright. Carolyn, hi, of course. Nice to see you in this hot and sticky¿Were you recording the journey? 8:46 AC Yes. It's taken us a little longer than we expected, but we had to unpack. (Voices in the background) 8:59 KP Oh, you did very well. Would you like a glass of water? 9:03 AC I'd love some water. 9:05 KP Come on up. 9:07-9:40 Truck drives away, group going up to the camp, chitchatting about the rain yesterday. 9:41 AC We just have this oil for you. (KP: Oh thank you.) We have, these I carried in the car because I thought they would break. 9:48 KP Oh, thank you, bless your heart. 9 volt batteries, they're on their knees crying out for those little guys. Were you able to find them? 9:57 AC We have everything that Chris wanted. We have more 9v batteries of our own. 10:07 KP Never mind. That's wonderful! This is the great Lizard tree. This is the "Sapele", a fine rainforest specimen and one of the main sources of wood. This mahogany here and the buildings is Sapele, full of monkeys. And we got treed by elephants yesterday. 10:37 AC Treed by elephants? What is it to be treed by an elephant? 10:38 KP It's totally terrifying. 10:42 AC You mean you were walking on the trail and they chased you? 10:44 KP Not at all. We were trying to put up one of our ARUs in a remote, in a far... (Notes truncated)

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African Forest Elephant - Loxodonta cyclotis

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10 Mar 2010 by Ben Brotman
10 Mar 2010 by Ben Brotman
10 Mar 2010 by Ben Brotman