Lesser Nighthawk

Chordeiles acutipennis


Marcello Gomes
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eBird Checklist S52952761
Loxahatchee NWR
Palm Beach, Florida, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 26.4986, -80.2246 Map



Observation details

Small Nighthawk moving erratically at Lox coming out of Bald Cypress area and flying across Lee Rd. No white patches evident that I could observe but as some pros suggested most surely female birds ( Buffy color). While I could not see clearly I did notice two birds flying seemingly straight at first, completely silent with long & rounded wings. I’m eliminating Common Nighthawk as like I stated above they are not in the area ( quite familiar with CONIs and they are usually vocal in flight). Not Chucks since their wingspan is about 26 inches - 4 inches larger. In addition, Chuck’s wings are not round like a Nighthawk at all. I eliminated Whips ( wingspan are 19 inches - 3 inches shorter than Nighthawks) contrasting to the birds I saw. I’m familiar with both and have seen them in flight many times around several Palm Beach County locations. I understand that when they hunt at night they usually fly low over water bug-catching ( plenty of wet areas at Lox). I’ll attach a screen shot or two on the bird(s). Upon reviewing my screen shots I was able to see their erratic flight pattern, rounded wings, and a much faster acceleration than a Common Nighthawk in comparison and flying low over adjacent swampy area. I have had a couple of sightings but wanted to make sure I got it right. Beware of fast flying Dove silhouettes which happens right after sunset.

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