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Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Monterey, California, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 36.8022, -121.788 Map

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Equipment Notes: Stereo=1. NPR/NGS RADIO EXPEDITIONS Show: Sylvia Earle / Deepworker Log of DAT #: 2 Date: January 1999 ng = not good ok = okay g = good vg = very good 0:01 Chuck testing mic - talking about audio equip¿ 2:10 check, one, two¿this DAT is a check DAT for the sub. The ¿Deepworker¿CJC to board Deepworker¿the ECM 50s omni-directional are rigged on forward quadrant of dome...into Sony D-7. 5:00 instructions given to CJC. CJC in Deepworker: 5:49 sounds of putting right foot down, heel down Talking about operating thrusters¿ Sound FX: 9:31-9:36 *** slam shut, mechanical sounds 10:39:00 inside Deepworker (DW) Testing thruster:*** 11:08 ¿ 11:15 right foot (g) 11:20 - 11:34 right heel (voice over radio ¿Go ahead at full throttle¿) (g) 11:39 - 11:46 left foot (g) 11:49 - 11:57 left heel (o) 12:50-12:53 (o) Opening hatch docking screen, nvg @14:00 a lot of equipment bumping around 15:15-15:32 scrubber (?) sounds. 16:33 Talking and scrubber in back, CJC inside. 16:22 steam release 17:26-30* letting off steam Thrusters: 00:17:56 Right foot down and talking testing levels 19:42 putting screen away 21:00 CJC out of Deepworker 22:16 ct still moving and recording AC in DW: 22:45-24:28 AC getting intoDW AC receiving instructions for DW 29:28 manual inject, injects oxygen 32:26 Testing footpads 32:29-36 Look at that!¿Look at that ¿Look at that (while talking with person giving instructions) 36:31 Closing hatch AC inside D.W. in tank. AC describing tank set-up 38:00 ambi inside 39:00 hissing 39:33 AC giving pressure readings: O2 %¿cabin %¿ @40:00 SO I¿m sitting here in this thing¿AC describing¿cream coloured inside, dials¿but pretty simple. (o) 41:37 AC: The sub is sinking, sub is sinking, sinking¿ Bubbling sounds of going down - stops at @43:43 42:31-43:24 Alex going under, more description, sounds of being inside 44:30 There¿s Dr. S. Earle peering from the side of the tank and smiling, um..I guess she knows how, how delightful an experience this is and how it just makes you want to laugh. 44:43 45:03 AC talking in DW ¿attaching floats¿ 46:20-47:05 ambi in DW, some bubble sounds scrubber sounds throughout voice over radio, AC conversing reporting on various controls, valves sinking too much so using hand pump 49:55-05 hand pump sounds 52:32-45 release bubbly sounds; crane pulling Thrusters: 54:44 54:43 AC: Holy-Moly¿it really goes down¿ More testing of thrusters. To 55:28 More testing of Thrusters: to 56:43 56:28 AC: This is amazing, this is just amazing¿this is amazing, my hands are completely free I¿m moving this sub with my feet I¿m pushing down on these little foot pedals and this thing takes you wherever you want to go 56:49 More thruster sounds - good to 57:18 57:20 AC: it rears up sometimes - that was a backward motion - (more thruster sounds) - going forward. AC maneuvering to go back up. 59:42-59:49 AC disabling and docking 1:01:03 AC: You¿re sitting in this steel hull¿foot protrusion at shoulder there¿s a dome¿floating and seeing everything that¿s going on¿crane¿ 1:02:01-1:02:06 putting air into cabin¿ 1:02:30 That¿s it for my first test drive¿here we go 1:02:58 AC climbs out of DW 1:04:50 END.

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Sony ECM-55B

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18 Aug 2009 by Ben Brotman
18 Aug 2009 by Ben Brotman
18 Aug 2009 by Ben Brotman