Iceland Gull (Thayer's)

Larus glaucoides thayeri


eBird Checklist S21244473
Smithville Lake (Clay Co.)
Clay, Missouri, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 39.403, -94.5407 Map

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I saw one of the birds that have been recently reported by Doug Willis. The bird was lounging on the ice on the south end of the dam. I had close scope views of the bird as he lay next to a herring gull and many ring-billed gulls (see awful pic of birds in front-left Thayers, right Herring). The Thayers was slightly smaller than the Herring and had a rounder head and daintier bill. Thayers was an adult with typical dark eyes and yellow bill with red spot on lower mandible. The birds took flight at one point and I was able to see the white underside of the wings with very limited black on outer primaries compared to Herring Gull. I lost track of the bird after they took flight, as he did not come back to the ice while I was there.

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