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Latitude and Longitude 30.5997, -176.5678 Map

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Habitat: Marine, Ocean. Equipment Notes: Stereo=1; Dual-Channel Mono. Yorktown Log DAT # 4 Wet lab-awaiting a smudge-Room tone 001-354 ..yeah, no, expect it to be further to starboard 415 555 the anomaly we thought we'd seen last time is lined up right in the sweet spot. Got there yet? we're reaching it.700 a little stripey. telemetry error. BB (dim) yeah, but you'd have to want it to be. so scary when its that small.900 the cursor again. we're past it. ten minutes ago. 1120what's that looik like Ba: it's in the right spot, whatever it is, see what develops 1130 1150 yeah there's some kind of relief out there to starboard. DM well past our high probablity area, well past it? working on our next line. 1405 yeah the area we saw saw where we thought there might be targets was right here, in this image, nothing definitive there, certainly nothing the size of yorktown so that was just chasing a ghost.1440 plan c. 2535 to dry lab ballard way off mike with XO 2635 q So what's the plan? BB well we haven't searched for more than 12 hrs, it's not time to run up the white flag. We'll continue to offset and continue mowing the lawn .going to finish this line, then shift over and shift over2701 it would have been nice to have it over real early but it would have been the first time, so you just have to agonize through these things. 2712 not very pleasant, then when you suceed its worth all the agony, its 'like having a baby. 2733 pencil sharpener, x 2, x 3 at least we know its down there, it's not the Loch Ness Monster. 2755 ambi t02807 This is ambi of water across the Fadoss deck: 2825 -(lots low rumble-good sloshing, sounds metallic indoorsy good at 3019 3100 voices 3105) to more exposed part of Fadoss deck-external 3150 (rumble waves, occaisonal clink as doorway rattles) good at 32 40 3500 try to hold mike off side of ship to escape machinery 3542 -waves, dripping -(ok, not great, still rumbly) 3820 this is hanger-aft part of ship, just infront of launch areas ...open noisy machinery, see if we get about a minute in here 3915 -4200 down towards fantail 4315 stern water (white noisy 4355 better vg at 4558 -4700 that was slightly off to side, now right above stern thruster 4711 (ndistinct, phasy)5017 this is at the bow of ship light machinery high off water, drop mike off front) 5051 sloshing (rumble in background) 5111 gain up wind noise5200 lots of wind 5415 get on the lee side here, in trade wind so ... 5453 good, if a bit distant 5512 good slap (Sounds wet!) 5655 try one more thing: 5710 sounds closer still rumbly good, bit of a sensation of speed-10210.

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16 Jun 2005 by Ben Brotman
16 Jun 2005 by Ben Brotman
16 Jun 2005 by Ben Brotman