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Taranna; Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park
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Latitude and Longitude -43.0607, 147.8647 Map

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Media notes

Subject 1: Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii). Timecode In: 00:02:11. Timecode out: 00:14:05. Notes: Time of Day: 1145. Subject 2: Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii). Timecode In: 00:17:44. Timecode out: 00:25:10. Notes: Time of Day: 1200. Subject 3: (Interview). Subtitle: Carolyn Hamilton. Timecode In: 00:27:21. Timecode out: 01:03:48. Notes: Tasmanian Devil. Equipment Notes: Stereo=1; Decoded MS stereo; Sennheiser mics. NPR/NGS RADIO EXPEDITIONS TASMANIAN DEVILS WITH DAVID DOUBILET LOG OF DAT #1 RECORDED BY LES GILBERT FEBRUARY 24,1998 TASMANIAN DEVIL PARK -TASMANIA SENNHEISER MKH MICS LEFT -CARDIOD RIGHT -FIGURE EIGHT RECORDED ON TO SONY TCD 10 PRO CH = Carolyn Hamilton DD = David Doubilet Carolyn = Carolyn Jensen 11:43 AM TASMANIAN DEVILS FEEDING.... 1: 15 -1:55 setting up NG 1 :56 -walking towards the devils .... footsteps, barking (in bg) 2:01 -DD -come on boys! 2:10 devils eating ... VERY VERY GOOD -growling and panting...3:11 EXCELLENT!.-.... through 4:04 -THE DEVILS ARE WAITING TO BE FED -HAVING A "SQUABLLE" 4: 17 DD -ok, here is the food coming ....BAD TRAFFIC IN BG -NG 4:18 -5:50 good grunting and eating sounds -gnawing ..... but traffic sounds in bg 5:41 -good different kind of gnawing -chewing -but traffic in bg -flies in bg, good ***5:51-6:33 grunting and eating, less traffic sound -flies, good, some rustling around in leaves, a bit mellower ..... THIS WAS ALL RECORDED IN A DEN EATING THE SKULL OF A WALLABY 7:03 -ANOTHER OF THE DEVILS EATING....good ambi bed -flies on gbg, a bot quieter than the other devils 8:00 -very good "crunch" 8:23 fade on the DAT. ... 8:24 -a lot of flies in bg .. .less intense grunting .... 8:48 devil taking a bite out of the mic ....mistook it for a wallaby through 9: 13 9:39 -another Tasmanian devil eating part of a devil -a lot scurrying around .... NG... talking in bg 9:57 -10:04 different kind of grunting ... very strange sounding -but a lot of rustling of trees in the bg .... 10:19 -ambi of area -trees rustling ... birds ... OK. .. 10:35 talking ..... no good trough 10:55 10:56 -Les walking around -some devils in bg G 11:13 -12:13devils eating, crunching hard on a bone (skull?) ... a lot of tree rustling in bg 12:14 car in bg 12:25 -good -but car in bg ... 12:30 13:13-VG .... 13:14 -14:06 G -less grunting....flies .... trees .... 14:07 -DD -it has finished digesting ...crunching...eating ... he is now interested in the microphone...he is licking some pine tree branches inside a small enclosure ... almost as if a human would take a piece of parsley after a relatively heavy meal of a hamburger 14:35 14:36 bg ambi -wind in trees ... some birds ... cars ... 15:01 DD -he spots the other male in the enclosure¬ 15:04 -15:20 ambi -bg trees .. 15:40 woman -urn...we will just go and feed the females. If you are going to get in with them you have to be very aware bc they are a bit more bitchy than the males ¬these ones are ok, but getting in with the females you have to be very careful and watch what you are doing ..... 15:54 (she asks if she was ok?) 16: 16 walking to the cave ... 16;23 DD -here they are 16:26 -woman -I would rather feed these ones from this side. If! do it right here there is quite a bit of area -unless you ant to jump in -it might be best to jump in right after I've fed them. I am going to feed them one piece so that hopefully they will tear at it. They might initially run with it but then they will settle and feed 16:46 DD -they are looking at us with very very bright eyes right now -jockeying for position (woman in bg -just give me a yell when you are ready) 5 dark hairy bodies with pink ears, well chewed, moving back and forth looking very very carefully at every movement we make. Strangely enough, their front legs are very ... (Notes truncated)

Background Species

Tasmanian Devil - Sarcophilus harrisii

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20 Apr 2005 by Ben Brotman
20 Apr 2005 by Ben Brotman
20 Apr 2005 by Ben Brotman