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Tsukiji Fish Market
Tokyo, Japan
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Latitude and Longitude 35.6614, 139.7697 Map

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Equipment Notes: Stereo=1; XY Stereo; Neumann RSM 190 (decoded) through Sonosax SX-M2 preamp into Sony TCD7. Subject:. tokyo log part 2 Tokyo Fish Market, April 18 1995. Main stereo Tape 2 of 2. Recorded with Neumann RSM190, decoded to XY stereo. Mike placed in 5" Rycote zeppelin windscre~n with no Windjammer cover applied. Into Sonosax SXM2 preamp, then into 07 OAT line input. Two-digit numbers are PNOSi five-digit numbers are ATime in HMMSS format. Tape also has Time of Day encoded, not logged here but, available if needed. 01 00000 start at 5:18am, I slate tape, talk about price of largest tuna. Biggest fish are 260 kg, we don't know yet how much they'll go for 02 00050 Kunio describes what bidders are doing to tuna ...then stretch of general distant ambiance, a little hacking going on but mostly bidders are silent as they examine fish 03 00243 some sounds of gulls alongside truck motor ...motorized cart pulls up....sweeping sound...gets quieter at 00400, gulls more audible for awhile. 00440 closer, more active gull voices as truck pulls up to disturb them. 00507 good flurry of gull voices, followed by truck's backup signal. 00550 another backup signal, gets closer, gulls are gone by now. 00630 backup signal gets very close, passes left to right, then fainter 04 00650 still outdoors...voices, some hacking. Engine dies at 00720. Motorcart passes 00740. 05 00800 Kunio says green tags are bidding numbers. Before bidders appraise, auction companies appraise too. Let's go back inside 06 00856 general ambiance, fairly quiet, a little right channel heavy. Mic handling noise at 01000 as I adjust angle and monopod length. 07 01048 light hacking, sneezing and voices ambiance, no motors for a while. 08 01230 bells in distance signal that we're close to start of auctioning. Bidders continue looking at fish, good ambiance stretch here. 01425 good hacking L ch mid distant with ambiance overall. 01510 motorcart passes in distance, another pulls up and parks 09 01540 Kunio sez all companies will start at the same time...this area has five different companies working in it. One company manager react to my mike. 01620 mike handling, 01630 ambiance, 01710 a few good hacks, ambiance continues. These light hacks are auction company guys cutting a wedge into the tail end of each tuna so quality of fat can be examined by bidders. 10 02010 over by the bench where bidders are starting to sit down. We ask a seated bidder some questions about what he'll be looking for .. 5 to 6 fish, he says 11 02130 more ambiance 12 02220 opening bell left center image, rings for more than a minute, then 02328 extra accent ringing. 02420 bells finally stop, first auctioneer voice starts in, mid-distant, hear others start up in distance. This first guy's voice is incredibly constricted and hoarse like those stereotype Japanese from WWII movies screaming at GI prisoners. gradually get closer to guy #1, keeping him left center image 14 02655 momentary clipping on particularly loud grunt...then he pauses for a few seconds, then resumes. Good place to start in on him. 15 02824 leave guy #1 for the time being, but he'll be back. Distant ambiance as I work my way over to guy #2 16 02850 guy #2 approaching from left. This guy has a two-pitch delivery, like a European ambulance, goes up a fourth (musical interval) when he completes each number 18 03030 guy #2 moves off, then I get closer again. 03115 he's way over in left channel, nice placement to combine this with one of the other auctioneers. 03155 he moves over to right channel. gets more distant. 19 03200 distant views of guy #2 in right center... 20 03245 motorcart pulls up. start to hear guy #1 in distance again for a few seconds, then he goes away, general hubbub 21 03340 guy #3, a rough grunter, close perspec... (Notes truncated)

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16 Mar 2005 by Ben Brotman
16 Mar 2005 by Ben Brotman
16 Mar 2005 by Ben Brotman