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Toamasina, Madagascar
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Latitude and Longitude -18.9317, 48.4164 Map

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Subject 1: (Interview). Subtitle: Traditional Chief of Andasibe. Timecode In: 00:00:50. Timecode out: 00:05:36. Notes: Recorded 11 of April, 1995. Subject 2: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Rain, Thunder. Timecode In: 00:21:09. Timecode out: 00:22:22. Notes: Recorded 11 of April, 1995. Subject 3: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Rain, Thunder. Timecode In: 00:31:07. Timecode out: 00:31:30. Notes: Recorded 11 of April, 1995. Subject 4: (Environmental Recording). Subtitle: Rainforest ambi, Rain. Timecode In: 00:39:31. Timecode out: 00:47:25. Subject 5: (Environmental Recording). Subtitle: Rainforest ambi, Rain. Timecode In: 00:57:05. Timecode out: 00:58:00. Subject 6: indri (Indri indri). Timecode In: 01:12:36. Timecode out: 01:14:49. Subject 7: indri (Indri indri). Timecode In: 01:21:39. Timecode out: 01:21:45. Subject 8: indri (Indri indri). Timecode In: 01:22:35. Timecode out: 01:23:26. Subject 9: Cattle (Domestic type) (Bos taurus (Domestic type)). Timecode In: 01:25:24. Timecode out: 01:25:54. Subject 10: (Interview). Subtitle: Razaf Tsalama. Timecode In: 01:29:39. Timecode out: 01:43:16. Notes: Malagasy local. Subject 11: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Pounding, Sifting grain, Farm ambi. Timecode In: 01:48:57. Timecode out: 01:52:00. Habitat: Rainforest; Rainforest; Rainforest, ; ; Equipment Notes: Stereo=1; Stereo. Madagascar DAT #4 WHY NO EAT LEMURS? YOU NEED THE WOOD, BUT YOU DON'T NEED THE LEMURS. 2:30 i don't think that people here look at it that way. especially here around the reserve, because it is a source of income for the community, tourism is a source of income, so we believe the lemurs must be protected as well. HEY, IS THERE A WORD FOR BIODIVERSITY IN MALAGASY? KNOW WHAT IT MEANS? (he says that they know the names of everything...doesn't answer the question, harry says they don't have a word for it) WILL FOREST LAST FOREVER? i am sure that it will last forever, because we protect it, especially the national reserve and the national park. SOME PEOPLE THINK FOREST IN MADAGASCAR IS GOING TO BE CUT DOWN this is not fair, and we consider it a taboo. this should never be done. track 7 19:20 rain.. lots. 20:17 first nice rolling thunder. i don't much like the rain, maybe because i remember that i'm sorta under shelter...but the rolling thunder at 20:14 is really really nice. 21:15 another really nice rolling thunder, with a great boom. 21:59 my favorite big and crisp and long and gooey (not gooey-just seeing if you're paying attention) 2407 nice roll... i guess it's all pretty good¿ in thru here. still more good rain at 25:30, tho this is the stuff with the generator in the gbackground that makes it a bit of a pain. i see what bill means about texture, though. the rain sounds more present as does the thunder 26:12 a really good thunder roll. got some frogs, too. 2800 is-real nice... thunder and frogs and birds and crickets and stuff. bill definitely right about all of this in here. 3013good thunder again... 3105 wicked big booms and a good roll and then some more stuff... IF WE CAN ROLL THE GENERATOR OUT OF THIS IT'S HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE THE REST. 33:00 Big fart. track 10 34:00 NICE GENTLE MORNING AMBIENCE, FROGS, INSECTS, STUFF. good thru 3926 3926-this is really nice, much better than before, louder, fuller, harder rain. must be without pad. we like this one alot....... runs thru 4700 track 13 5031 quiet, distant, different, cicada type stuff. track 14 strange bird? lemur? alien? on side of road . at 57:18 it's really strange, and we like it, thru 5810, then the truck comes by, which is interesting texture as well...that's at 5910 plus three quick seecons of decay. oops track 15 track17 indri, suspect it might be tape, distant, plus raindrops track 18 11310 the indri, up close and personal...then a little distant, with raindrops annoyingly falling on mic, but grea... (Notes truncated)

Background Species

indri - Indri indri
Cattle (Domestic type) - Bos taurus (Domestic type)

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10 Dec 2004 by Ben Brotman
9 Dec 2004 by Ben Brotman
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