Falco rusticolus


Brian McCaffery
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Ingakslugwat Hills
Alaska, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 61.37, -161.9886 Map

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Media notes

Take 8 began just 5 seconds after Take 7 (ML 138145) ended, as male flew to perch site near nest. Because of the respective positions of the female at the nest and the male at the nearby perch, I could not always determine which sex was calling. In addition, a number of the vocalizations recorded seemed intermediate between calls described in the BNA account (i.e., sounds like a graded communication system). The nomenclature used here follows that, but the researcher revising the BNA account (Travis Booms, with whom I work on this project, and with whom I consulted on all of these recordings) is hoping to go over these recordings with Tom Cade, to make sure everyone has a common nomenclature. Thus, the call names here might change. Introductory wails and then chitter and/or chatter over the first ten seconds. 0:36-0:38--reminded Booms of a female begging call. 0:51 wail, 0:57-0:59 two wails. For the record, I have not noted all the bouts of chick calls in the following minutes of the take. Also detected during this first minute of the take: FOSP, REDP, NOWA, YWAR. 1:07 - 1:15 probably 4 male and 1 female wail; 1:23 - 1:27 probably 2 male and then 2 female wails. Chicks then heard occasionally. 1:58 single adult wail. Also YWAR, NOWA, FOSP, AMRO, REDP. 2:04 -- 5 clicks on hand-held radio (signal from my colleague several hundred m away to make sure that I was awake and recording!). Also YWAR, GCTH, NOWA. 3:24 -- wail, followed by chicks chuffing (and later squealing). Also GCTH, YWAR, REDP. 4:31 -- probably male wail as female departed from nest; male departed at 4:38. Broken wails by adult circling nest/blind area at 4:55. Also YWAR, GCTH, ATSP, SAVS, REDP. 5:59 -- female back on nest. Also REDP, YWAR, FOSP, SAVS, GCTH.

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 20
Telinga Parabola 54.7cm/15.5cm (21.5in/6.1in)

Archival Information

13 Nov 2008 by Jessie Barry
13 Nov 2008 by Jessie Barry
13 Nov 2008 by Jessie Barry

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