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Yellowstone National Park; Grant Visitor Center
Teton, Wyoming, United States
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Subject 1: (Interview). Subtitle: Nancy Proctor. Timecode In: 00:02:02. Timecode out: 01:27:42. Notes: 1988 Yellowstone fire. Subject 2: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Fly buzzing. Timecode In: 00:19:13. Timecode out: 00:19:18. Subject 3: (Environmental Recording). Subtitle: Yellowstone ambi, wind. Timecode In: 00:19:13. Timecode out: 00:21:11. Subject 4: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Motorcycle. Timecode In: 00:41:28. Timecode out: 00:41:39. Subject 5: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Steam vent. Timecode In: 01:00:56. Timecode out: 01:02:05. Subject 6: (Environmental Recording). Subtitle: Yellowstone ambi. Timecode In: 01:03:11. Timecode out: 01:06:17. Subject 7: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Steam vent. Timecode In: 01:10:45. Timecode out: 01:13:57. Subject 8: Osprey (Pandion haliaetus). Timecode In: 01:14:11. Timecode out: 01:15:17. Behaviors: fly; call. Subject 9: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Walking away. Timecode In: 01:21:15. Timecode out: 01:22:30. Habitat: Coniferous Forest, Burn, Geothermal feature. Equipment Notes: Stereo=1; Decoded MS stereo. NPR/NGS RADIO EXPEDITIONS YELLOWSTONE DAT#1 NP = Nancy Proctor AC = Alex Chadwick MS = Michael Schweppe Intv with Nancy Proctor ms recording in ms, july14th, 4:34 PM ms and np talking about buffalo "nickels" 2:04 np nancy proctor, I'm a ranger naturalist at the grant visitor ctr in yellowstone nat park ac emotional reactions from visitors? 2:21 np well where the gr ctr is located is the first visitor ctr that you reach coming from the south entrance of Yellowstone and you go through a major burn area from the fires of88 ... the fire that was ultimately called the snake complex ... its a pretty stark 20 mile drive and when people come into the visitors ctr we on staff call it the d-word we can tell in people's eyes what they are going to say when they come up to the desk is "what is all this devastation?" and it becomes a challenge for us then in talking to many people who come in to the visitor center ac are people angry? 3:08 np some of them are, they will express shock real disgust and outrage...that we let this burn angry ...(3:20 many people do not perceived as coming back, they don't understand what happened that summer...and then that becomes our role not to justify but explain... and help them understand what the role of fire is in any forest ... ac talks about how she got into environmental education np answers ac describe area 4:57 np hmm well as you leave the south entrance and pass moose falls you come into a long stretch that's referred to as the Teton Flats and then you basically enter well you're going go along the Louis River ... and when you enter that Louis canyon scenario that's a very striking landscape and it is where on july 220d 1988 the red fire jumped highway south of Lois falls the Louis river canyon, spotted ignitions ...on the other side... and canyon is pretty good sized canyon 500 yds wide and a lot of fire researchers and experts would have said and did say at that time that there's no way that that fire could have picked up on the other side...but the winds that summer...screwed up everything you know the concepts of fighting fire were thrown out the window during that summer of 88. 6:20 ac what are you going to show us today 6:35 np we are going on what is called the Yellowstone lake overlook hike it is just across west thumb geyser basin ... takes us up about 400 ft in elevation and gives us a striking view of west thumb of Yellowstone lake and shows where the shoshone fire came through on july 25 in days after. in contrast to the north end of west thumb that is still an intact old growth forest and it gives one a remarkable view and helps illustrate the mosaic effect of how fire burns ... so we'll go through a burn area and we'll also see the re-vegetation process ... 7:29 ... (Notes truncated)

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Osprey - Pandion haliaetus

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25 Sep 2008 by Ben Brotman
25 Sep 2008 by Ben Brotman
25 Sep 2008 by Ben Brotman