Arctic Fox

Vulpes lagopus


David Gill
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Stewart D. MacDonald
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Bathurst Island
Nunavut, Canada
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NOTES: Following notes are from a hand-written account of the contents of the tape: Recording made at den site. recordings were made on Sanyo cassette recorder, hand held microphone, no reflector. Reel 1 #1 - 2:00min. Fox pup at den entrance, barking and snarling interspersed with throaty growls. #2 - 42 sec. Same pup emitting low purr-like growls. #3 - 3:47 sect. Pup goes into series of high pitched barks or yelps at den entrance. The low pitched "woof" in the background is a second pup located further back in the den. There is a lot of background noise due to wind and movement of microphone. #4 - 2:27 min. Purring growls and barks of pup at entrance, he is answered by the second pup further back in the den. #5 - 5:48. Pups still in den, one fox still at entrance giving forth barks and growls. Occassionally one hears the second pup in the background. #6 - 59 sec. Both pups at entrance of den. Snarling and emitting purr-like sounds in their confined area. #7 - 40sec. Pup at den entrance barking and growling. Reel 2 [starts at 16:14 into LNS 137351] #1 - 57sec. Purring-like sound from pup at den entrance. #2 - 1:35sec. Series of barks from pup at den entrance. #3 - 2:37. Snarling and growling from pup at den entrance. At times the purr-like sound is heard. #4 - 4:38 End of tape. Number of individuals=IU1-2;.

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28 Oct 2008 by Martha Fischer
28 Oct 2008 by Martha Fischer
28 Oct 2008 by Martha Fischer

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