Red Crossbill (Appalachian or type 1)

Loxia curvirostra (type 1)


Jim&Allison Healy
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eBird Checklist S12665821
Lake Allatoona--Fields Landing Park
Cherokee, Georgia, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 34.2035, -84.5602 Map

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found by Jim Flynn around 8:55, and we arrived at about 10 to find Jim still on site. About 10 minutes later, after a small group of birders assembled, Allison spotted the crossbills fly across the street into a loblolly pine. birds were seen continuously for about 30 minutes afterwards flyinng from tree to tree. count of 12 comes from when many birds flew directly over head. could have possibly been more. when viewed in the trees, about an equal mix of males and females. males bright red with darker wings and a dark patch at the back of the cheek. females a light yellow. all with crossed bills chomping on pine cones. recording of calls made, and forwarded to Matt Young for identification to type. crappy photos: ID'd to type by Matt Young at Cornell who sent the spectrogram below and these comments: "These are classic Type 1, but the specs aren't great, but are diagnostic. What might be throwing things off is there's a couple paired birds that are spectrographing nearly on top of one another. The initial uptick you'd look for in Type 1 is very faintly present in a few of the specs."

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