Olivaceous Woodcreeper (Amazonian)

Sittasomus griseicapillus [griseicapillus Group]


Curtis Marantz
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Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Trilha da Serra
Mato Grosso, Brazil
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Latitude and Longitude -9.5861, -55.9185 Map

Age and Sex
Adult – 1
Call; Song
; ;
Not Used


NOTES: Songs of a bird well seen moving along trunk 15-18 m away and as low as 3 m up near active nest along trail at 600 m marker in deciduous forest on top of Serra; the second part of the recording highlighted the same bird as the first (if not its mate), now seen carrying food; the third part of the recording represented a feeding pass at the nest, located about 6-10 m up in a cavity of a 10-12 cm diameter branch about half way up a relatively large apparently dead tree right at the top of a small ridge along the trail; the cavity appeared to be located right where an old branch had broken off; the adult came in quietly, entered the nest, fed the nestlings, and then exited; this same bird(s) was later recorded on 24 August, when the nestling appeared to fledge; blue sky overhead but quite hazy/smoky over river; I changed batteries between recording the two parts of this cut [= RCR008-010 & RCR007, the latter with GPS coordinates]. Number of individuals=NU1+;. Other Behaviors: Advertise, Establish Parent Young Contact, Beg, Care For Young, Social Context: Family. Habitat: Forest, Deciduous Forest, Scrub, Rocky.

Background Species

Bananaquit - Coereba flaveola
Golden-winged Parakeet - Brotogeris chrysoptera
Masked Tityra - Tityra semifasciata
Rufous-bellied Euphonia - Euphonia rufiventris
Ruddy Pigeon - Patagioenas subvinacea
Rufous-winged Antwren - Herpsilochmus rufimarginatus
White-throated Toucan - Ramphastos tucanus
Yellow-browed Tody-Flycatcher - Todirostrum chrysocrotaphum

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 20
Roche Parabola 74cm/17.7cm (29.1in/7in)

Archival Information

27 Sep 2005 by Curtis Marantz
27 Sep 2005 by Martha Fischer
27 Sep 2005 by Martha Fischer

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