South Polar Skua

Stercorarius maccormicki


Marshall Iliff
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eBird Checklist S20222296
Nakalele Point seawatch
Maui, Hawaii, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 21.0279, -156.5903 Map

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**rare; light morph flew past at 7:18 in close Wedge-tailed line, maybe only a mike out; hefty full like bird constantly flapping south; large chest and short tail with broad-based wings that were pointed at tips; large white bases to primaries have well-defined white flash roughly rectangular in shape; no obvious molt; body entirely medium brown with obvious blond rear to head and nape contrasting with body; digiscoped video and photos for documentation may be identifiable and show structural differences from jaegers if not large white primary flash; subadult Pomarine easily eliminated by wing pattern, pale nape, short and blunt caudal area, and very large chesty shape; just three prior state records in eBird and this is the first for Maui; digiscoped photos show key field marks (bulky size, blond head and underparts, short tail, large white wing flash in primaries); very distant so getting these images was a small triumph:

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