West Indian Manatee

Trichechus manatus


Thomas J. O'Shea
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waterbody:North Atlantic OceanOrange City; Blue Spring State Park
Florida, United States
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NOTES: Notes from transcription log: "000- Little squeaks at the beginning of this could be those of Luna/Lucille. Situation is similar to yester's, at log etc....; 005- Luna/Lucille are only cow/calf apir, 10m upstream of hyd.; 009- Other animals present, based on canoe survey, are Vasco, Floyd, Howie, Beetle, Tonto, Deep Dent, and Sweetgums. All animals are (bottom) resting within 15m radius, making context/individual attributions difficult. However when hyd first went in it disturbed Luna/Lucille and those were probably their squeaks. 017- pause; 018- Time 0850; 020- Time 0924 - I stayed on monitor for 10 min (these are all flatulences) and timed no. of cries: total =19. All animals bottom-resting. 6 ad male, 2 ad female, 1 calf.; 029- Susie's going across run in a canoe, cries may be in response to her presence.; 033- Luna/Lucille are c. 6m upstream from hyd....; 042- Pause; 044- 0929 Sweetgums did a call at the surface and I thought it might cause cries, but other animals seemed to ignore... sounds I hear during or right before/after breathing remind me of the creak. Check earlier tapes for evidence of breaths.; 061- Breath by two unid animals.; 07- 0943 - raining. Timed another 10 min interval, this time recording no. of cries, flats, breaths. 14 cries, 5 flats, 23 breaths... none distinctly preceded by cries. Pause. 095- 0952 - Turned on to record these cries because it looked to me like Lucille was going to nurse. Unfortunately P. Doyle is rubbing on PVC pipe on hydrophone float line. Lucille now seems to be just lying next to her mother. ; 107- 0955 - Timed a 10min sequence, bottom-resting, same no. animals: 12 cries, 3 flats, 22 breaths. At end of this obs. Beetle stopped bottom-resting and swam out towards mouth of the run. May have left, (but) was by himself...; 121- Luna/Lucille (erroneously comment WW/Robin) bottom resting approx. 8m upstream from hyd.. Pause.; 130- 1001- A cry before on, Luna had changed position but did not shift location significantly. I turned on because I thought she might be signalling a more extensive move....; 156- That little call is being given as Lucille is rising off bottom (not to breathe) then Luna has started to move at same time. 163 - now - down with gain - Luna has moved and Lucille is following at her side. Both 10m from hd. 172- Breath by Lucille - she has prop wounds [must have been inflicted yesterday according to Susie.] 174- Luna's orientation has changed, is oriented with head downstream, lying on bottom. 178- Little one is floating upstream, Luna resting. 188- breath by Lucille... 196 - Luna rises to breathe.; 200- Cry by mother, Luna starts to move downstream, Lucille seems to be orienting towards axilla... or seems to be soliciting nursing. 218- Lucille breath, 4-5m from hyd. 233- can't see well but it looks like she's approaching her mother again, who is resting on the bottom. 240- Conversation with [?Shan?]; 244- Lucille is nudging Luna (there's a cry from Luna [probable]). Susie is watching simultaneously from tree and says that little one is doing the "kind of behavior she would do when trying to nurse."; 253- Luna raised up in water, allowing little Lucille to get underneath her. ; 256 - in red, adjusted gain down.; 265- Luna moving downstream, Lucille nudging at her side, keeping up with her. Luna moved off very slowly, now 2.5m upstream from hyd.; 280- Susie says Lucille started to nurse 10-15 sec ago when cries subsided [tc 275]; 303- going to a slower speed to time events without running out of tape. 324 - I hear no crise as little one nurses. Time 1011. 342- one cry... end tape.". Habitat: River.

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2 Mar 2004
27 Feb 2004

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