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Chinese white dolphin

Sousa chinensis


Kenneth S. Norris
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George Heinsohn
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waterbody:South Pacific OceanCairns; north of Cairns; Trinity Beach, Ellis Beach
Queensland, Australia
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NOTES: Sequence of recording from KSN's notebook: Tap at beginning. Band 1. Ken speaking. Hydrophone into water. Some faint clicks at beginning of tape. Light "tappng sounds"; clicks. Some faint clicks. A few other sounds need investigation. Click-like taps. Pop. Pops. Loud pop or snap. Followed by 2 click trains. Loud pop. Faint scattered clicks. Loud pops or snaps. Faint clicks. Pops and snaps. Clicks. Loud snaps or pops. Ken speaking. Start of Band 2. Hydrophone into water. Water sounds. Snaps and faint pops. Water sounds. Two rapid tap-like sounds. ken speaking: Start of Band 3. Hydrophone into water. Water sound, sound of boat engine very loud. Click train. Click train. Click train. Single loud snap or click followed by click train. Ken speaking: Start of Band 4. Hydrophone into water. Water sounds. Loud snaps or pops and softer ones. Good clicks (slow reps). Snaps or pops. Clicks or snaps. Loud snap or pop. More snaps or pops. Ken speaking: Start of Band 5. Hydrophone into water. Clicks (tapping sounds). Loud snapping and clicking sounds. Many clicks. end Band 5. [The rest of the tape was a test of the hydrophone in a sink and was not digitized for this cut.] MLNS Notes: where the notebook mentions Ken, Phyllis is actually the one speaking into the hydrophone. (12Nov2002 CAB) SEAOCEAN.

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12 Nov 2002
12 Nov 2002

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