Black Turnstone

Arenaria melanocephala


Cameron Eckert
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Whitehorse--sewage ponds--long-term storage pond (restricted access)
Yukon, Yukon Territory, Canada
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Latitude and Longitude 60.812, -135.1186 Map


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From Cameron's field notes; "Aug 25 [2000] - Whitehorse Sewage Lagoons. Black Turnstone. Medium/small chunky shorebird - about size of a Pectoral Sandpiper. All blackish/brown head, neck, and upper breast. Face showed a very faint whitish streak behind eye. Back blackish/brown with white line up centre. Tail with broad black band and white base. Wings blackish/brown with bold white wing stripe and little white spots at leading edge near wrist. In flight also showed sideways-V shaped white path at base of wings. Folded wings shoed faint pale fringes on scapulars. The lower wing coverts quite long - black with white edges. A white patch could be seen under the forward lower wing coverts on folded wing. Black upper breast ended in dull points. Undersides from lower breast through under tail white. Underwing whitish. Legs dull fleshy/red-dark and not bright. Legs relatively short. bill short, fine, vaguely upturned and black. Call a high shrill rattle like kingfisher."

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