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Say's Phoebe

Sayornis saya


eBird Checklist S41556791
stakeout Say's Phoebe, Hybla Farm Road (2017)
King William, Virginia, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 37.643, -77.0796 Map



Observation details

Photos. Directions: "A Say's Phoebe was found by Nick Flanders and seen by several others on the Walkerton CBC in King William VA Dec 31. This appears to be the first Say's Phoebe to be found on the Middle Peninsula. It is on private property. The landowners are friendly towards birders and are excited about hosting a rare bird. They have requested that you stay on the road and keep away from the house. Please be conscientious about your behavior while searching for the bird and communicative with other birders who may not be following the instructions in this message. Directions: Turn north from Green Level Rd. (Rt. 621) onto Hybla Farm Road (Rt. 681, which is essentially just a mailbox and not a well-marked road) and continue along the road, always keeping right when there is an option, until reaching a patch of cedars on the left side of the road just before the road goes up a hill towards the landowner’s (the Gilman's) house. The Say’s Phoebe has been at times associating with a bluebird flock, at times with Eastern Phoebes, and at times alone. It almost always stays within 2 feet of the ground and has ranged from the edge of the cedars to the fields below the house to the red barn/shed a bit further down the road, just up the hill before reaching the house. This an active cow pasture and the bird has been spending a lot of time around (and on) cow manure".

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